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17 January 2012 @ 03:40 am
The Solstice of the Young, Chapter Ten  
Notes: at the end there are notes about the Vulcan language used. Also any remaining error is mine because my betas are awesome.


master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html

The Solstice of The Young

"T'Pau, The Ko-mekh-Te'kor-Reldai"

Chapter ten

Sarek knew his grandmother would look for him so he decided to confront his fear and went to her tent himself. T’Pau always royal and graceful, timeless; was there seated with a tea in one hand and inviting him to another seat with a twin cup at her side, the table filled with fruits and some cooked birds.

“I was waiting for you, my dear, I fear your tea is a little cold, but this could be solved with another warm cup, like another problems we could have it is not?” Sarek was somewhat shocked, but really, she was the matriarch of Vulcan, ’The Ko-mekh-Te'kor’, how he could be so naïve?

T’Pau clapped her hands and asked for a refill for her and a new cup for Sarek. “Sarek, you are not more a child, so I will cease to treat you as one. I need a proper Vulcan as a right hand and heir. The only child in our house is yours, and he is now playing house with a human. I really can’t understand that affinity, or i must say debility, of yours father and son for Humans.”

“Ko-mekh, I…”

“No, my dear, I don’t need your reasons, or your apologies, the past is the past. We are talking here about the future of the most ancient house of Vulcan which will have no heir in a generation. But of course this will not come to pass, because you, my son, will take a wife.

Your time is near, and I will not tolerate a comfort slave this time. I have my chosen maidens for you and Spock for some time, but I thought I had more time with him. I will not make this error twice only because I love you. My responsibility for my race and my people is more important than my love for you, my son. I raise you as such, after Skon died with his ’Ko-telsu’ when you where seven years of age, and that’s why I consented for you to marry that human and have a child with her. However, she didn’t live long, and two Pon farrs come and gone and you didn’t chose another ’Ko-telsu’. Now because you had teach rebellious ways to your child, you must pay the consequences as an adult and take responsibility for your actions and bring me grandchildren, Vulcan grandchildren.”

“Mother, you don’t understand Amanda was my ashayam, the love of my life I can not take another.” Sarek pleaded but T’Pau waved him to silence.

“As I said, you are not a child and I will not accept such a behavior from you. My love for you is strong and almost blind, my son, but my love for my people is stronger. I gave you sufficient time to grieve. When we comeback you and I will choose your new wife and the ‘ash-tor'ko-telsu’, a concubine, for your son.” Sarek nodded his face grave, taking the weight of T’Pau’s decisions in his future.

“T’Pau, I talked to Kirk, before the ceremony that he must accept a woman in their marriage and he said he will honor this decision. However, I believe he will try Spock doesn’t accept the ’Ko-telsu’. As an empath he can achieve this and this worry me. Kirk would be a great asset to our family, but a great danger too.” T’Pau could see how his grandson was really worry and even a little frighten by the whole idea.

“Sarek, I was in the human’s mind, I saw many things; things that even he doesn’t know, but his love for Spock is real and his compatibility is fascinating, they created a shallow link without melding or even physical intimacy. That kind of compatibility is rare, and that’s why I accepted the challenge to take him in our house. Personally I will get to the bottom of the manipulation made into his mind, so it will be an asset, and that’s why we will look for an ’ash-tor'ko-telsu’ (a concubine) and not a wife.

“Sarek it is your responsibility to brings me heirs. I had other plans with Spock and Kirk, if they can bring an heir, that will be good for the house, but this is not their role, because it is all yours Sarek. You are young, strong, and only 70 years of age*, so go to work out with the kids, teach them some trick or two, and prepare yourself to be a father soon.” T’Pau low her sight to eat a fruit and dismissed the presence of Sarek altogether.

Sarek bowed anyway, and decided that exercise, was not a bad idea after all, especially if he has no choice whatsoever in his life anymore.


T’Pau finished her tea. She wanted to know more about that Bene Gesserit group, and their real intentions with this quadrant and with her Empire in particular. Maybe that federation made alliance with the enemy to fight the friends. Or maybe T’Pau can gain some new tricks and then made that witches out from her sector of the galaxy.

She must ponder this and made a decision when she could have more access to the human’s mind. At least in the mean time, the familial bond with her grandson will give her some shallow ideas, if the human decide to share and Spock react strongly as she suspect he will.


Note (*): Vulcan’s lifespan is between 200 to 250 years, so Spock is and adolescent and Sarek is a young adult.

Notes on Vulcan language:

Ko-mekh-Te'kor = Supreme Mother.

Reldai = (anc.) Female religious leader

Ko-mekh = Mother.

Ko-telsu = Wife.

Ash-tor'ko-telsu = A concubine.

Ashayam = Beloved

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