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06 February 2012 @ 02:12 pm
The Solstice of the Young, Chapter Twelve  
Notes: at the end there are notes about the Vulcan language used. Also any remaining error is mine because my betas are awesome.


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The Solstice of The Young,

"The Meld and The Contract"

Chapter twelve

Spock and Jim were summoned by T’Pau the next morning. Spock was cold as ice and behind him Kirk followed him with all the confidence he could muster, but both of them were broken. There was a silent cry in them at plain sight for all to see, or maybe for the ones who knew where to look in their contained posture and in their eyes.

T´Pau knew they arrive like this, but it was time for solutions. She first interview his grandson who kneeled before her. “Your fever is gone, my child”.

“Yes, Fa-ko-mekh Reldai.” His voice was somber and deep, his pain was in the core of his heart.

“I will take your thoughts, and we share the Kash-naf.” T´Pau said the ritual words and entered Spock’s mind. As expected, Spock felt anger and grief, he felt betrayed by his mate, but he was pulled at the same time by the strong bond that join them together, Spock was confused and lost.

T’Pau went deeper to the mindscape of the bond itself. The Bond was intricate and rich, very strong for so little time to settle. To be this strong took years to accomplish. As she foresaw, the compatibility between Spock and the human empath was rare kind ofBond, the T’hy’la one, the sacred union, and this one was unbreakable. If one of them died the other will be half of a person -a phantom for the rest of his life, if the one who was left survived the shock of the loss. So she was right in her instinct. This was sad because Spock was determined to destroy the bond.

T´Pau decided to seed questions in Spock’s mind for meditation, to look deep inside for his real feelings for Kirk, and the necessity of investigating about the T’hy’la bond, before make any decision or ask for her advice. This was made with all the discretion, T’Pau could straighten the thoughts towards to keep the bond already there and giving it little push in the right direction; It was an art really, more than a manipulation.

T’Pau terminated the meld. “Spock, now, you are an adult in our house, but you are in turmoil. Your Bond is settled and strong, stronger than a normal one in these circumstances. This spoke of a great love and a fascinating compatibility that was blessed by the gods. So you must be secluded in meditation until your heart is settled, then you could speak and request, there will be books at your disposal, food and facilities but to the minimum to facilitate your concentration.”

T’Pau reached for her grandson and held him by the arms. “You will be victorious over madness, and become a strong asset to our house my child.”The guards came and took Spock to the meditation chamber.


T’Pau ordered a table with two seats and tea for the human and her, for their interview.

Jim entered feeling a little intimidated and really sad. “Come my child, take a seat and a cup of tea. You are not more a stranger in my house you are my grandson too. You are ‘Elik’ and adopted by marriage.”

Jim was taken aback. “But Spock doesn’t want me anymore, he was clear on this respect.”

There are things that are out of his control, and there are lies that he can maintain for long, please be patient. Vulcans feel more deeply than any sentient being in the universe and this almost was cause of our destruction as a race many times in our past, recent past. I lost a son to the war. I dedicate my life to ending the wars. I created the High Council to rectify some of our ancient rituals and bring some peace. I know this is not a work for only a life time. That’s why I need Sarek, and Spock and You.

T’Pau smiled and Jim felt some intimidation in front to this timeless queen. “Yes, you. When I melded with you the first time before the ceremony I was aware of your mission, your training, that you are an empath and a Bene Gesserit brother.”

Jim was baffled. “Then why did you accepted me in your house and as spouse of your grandson.”

“Because you are an asset to my house, you are a weapon, and I prefer to have a weapon in my hand than against me, don’t you see that little one?” T’Pau smirked.

Jim was a little angry now, so he was a tool for everyone and that was it, for Archer to achieve his Federation, for the sisterhood, even if he didn’t remember his mission with them. Where was Jim Kirk says in all of this? Had he something who was truly his?

“Yes you have, Kirk, you have Spock, because your love for him is real, even if you tried to manipulated him at first, your feelings are all yours, as it is your bond with him that is so strong that he is incapable of breaking it without killing himself if he decided to try. He will see his error and comeback to you.”

“As I said before we are warriors and our nature is turmoil of emotions, in the past days you saved Spock several times from death, in the first fight with Stonn, in the cell from the madness, with his Pon farr and yesterday again from the madness. He needs you more than he possibly knows.”

Jim decided to talk. “This means then, than regardless what Spock decides about me, I can stay as his side even as his slave.” The shifting eyes of Jim glow in the unnatural blue the spice gave him.

“You could say so, yes.” Jim was the personification of joy. “Also this mean I will talk with your Admiral Archer and if he gives me a considerable, magnanimous offer, I will maybe accept this Federation of his, but this will not come cheap for him. “

Jim smiled at her. “Not that I really care that much about that, anymore, ‘Reldai’.”

“But this will not come free for you either; You will have many sessions with me in your mind, where I found out all you know about the sisterhood and ‘The Voice’, and i will try to unlock your lost memories, but at my convenience. If there is something I don’t want to unlock it stay that way, but I promise you I will share with you all your important past and identity.”

“T’Pau saw that the boy was listening and he was in tactical mode, he was very intelligent, really an advantage. “Finally, you will accept an ‘Ash-tor'ko-telsu’ in your marriage, this is a tradition in our culture and it is not negotiable, she will carry Spock’s and your children. She could be a bed partner to both of you, or only as sperm recipient and mother, maybe we can add another one if you choose it, or I find it a necessity. “

“Like any of this is negotiable my child I don’t need your approval, but it would a symbol of good will, for you to accept the terms and sing the agreement.”

Jim heart was still jumping in his chest, because he will not leave Spock side and even in the letter he will be Spock’s husband forever. He didn’t give a damn about everything else, but if he could finish the infamous mission imprinted in his mind that would be good, because he will be free at last, and he will recover his memories. And the concubine thing didn’t sound so bad now if she could be only a womb and a mother for their children, Jim must try to recover his husband so he will not seek the concubine in steed of him. He tried to recover his composure and said “Where is the agreement Mother ‘Reldai’

After they finish their tea, a priest came with the papers to sign, in Vulcan of course. Jim took his time to read the entire contract, and asked for a pad with a dictionary when he didn’t understand a word or a phrase. Finally he signed James Kirk Son of George, son of Tiberius, son of Samuel.

T´Pau far from be offended was certainly proud of her new grandson. She was pleased that he had some grasp of the language and wanted to be sure of the agreement he was signed, that he was not ashamed of use an aid when he needed, he will be a great politician, even for a male and a human; a great new addition for her house indeed.

T’Pau Informed him that he would be trained in culture and traditions of the people who were now his own. “Now you will eat and regenerate, humans can be without rest too long, your tenth is ready - and Kirk…Then you must to join your husband in deep meditation in a separate chamber and concentrate with all your willpower in your bond. You must use all the abilities at your reach and your empathy to send your love, soothing and warm feelings to Spock. As Spock’s husband, one of your duties is to stabilize your mate’s turbulent and deep emotions; to center him and focus his work. In general this not suit well to male husbands, so the responsibility descend to the ‘Ash-tor'ko-telsu’ or the second wife. But I am confident that you can accomplish the rol of a true companion, and I will treat you as such with time”.


After Jim slept a few hours he started his exercises and mantras. When Jim achieved deep meditation he concentrated in the bond and he did as the day before canalizing his unconditional love and hope, soothing and calming feelings through the bond with Spock to enveloping him in his feelings.

The rage from Spock washed away, but he was in real pain and grief because he didn’t understand Jim’s actions. The problem was that Jim didn’t understand his action either, all his intents of manipulation were like a dream of another person. Jim was realizing when he was him in the past weeks and when he wasn’t.

It was like Jim was two different people, now that his mission was accomplished, he could see through the past and recognize who was Jim, and who was the weapon accomplishing the goal of his mission. How could Spock forgive him, if Jim couldn’t forgive himself?

Jim decided to come back to his mantras, while continuing sending love and calm through the bond to Spock.

“I stand in the sacred humanoid presence. As I do now, so should you stand some day. I pray to your presence that this be so. Let the future remain uncertain for that is the canvas to receive our desires. Thus the humanoid condition faces its perpetual tabula rasa. We possess no more than this moment where we dedicate ourselves continuously to the sacred presence we share and create.”

And center in the love he truly felt and the hope in the forgiveness and the future he and Spock could carve together in the canvas of destiny.


Notes Vulcan language:

Fa-ko-mekh : Grand Mother

Reldai : (anc.) -- Female religious Leader

Elik : Free man

Ash-tor'ko-telsu : A concubine.

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inu_spockyainu_spockya on February 6th, 2012 08:26 pm (UTC)
ha, *interesting*... curious where you will go from here!
ariadnechan: K/S xiariadnechan on February 7th, 2012 02:55 am (UTC)
Do you refer about Jim and T'Pau interview?
or if Spock will change his mind?

i'm glad that you find it interesting, i'm intrigue about your expectations?, i wrote the other one, but i'm intrigue either way!
alinealghost: Stonn kill lematyaalinealghost on February 7th, 2012 02:23 am (UTC)
I see you keep the biblical tone. Well done. What's coming next?
ariadnechanariadnechan on February 7th, 2012 03:22 am (UTC)
si? donde???

bueno estoy teminando el otro, ya arregle su relación pero estoy intentando wrap up la historia en el mismo cápitulo, pues tengo que hacer el epilogo un par de años despues para el K/S valentine AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

se me junto todo!!!!!

bueno así que tiene 2 partes.

aun no se si agregarle una feliz sexy reunion or not

lo otro es que me asusta lo que dice inu arriba que espera? (se muerde las uñas) yo tengo mil ideas pero tengo un puro capitulo. así que solo esbozo el futuro. Lo triste es que no tengo muchos lectores, como para saber si vale la pena seguir con mis ideas en una segunda parte.

crees que deberia terminar el final con una escena de sexo??

o solo con algo fluffy luego de que salgan de la oficina de tpau?

ideas segunda parte:

creo que tal vez deberia hacer una continuación en el futuro acerca de Jim y Spock como embajadores, y espias de T'Pau y sus aventuras, de como TPau se encarga de las Benegesserit luego de aprender sus secretos, como cual era el trabajo que jim debia hacer para ellas en vulcan. despues de lo de la federacion. La carrera politica de Jim y T´pring en el concilio como protegidos de T'Pau.
alinealghostalinealghost on February 7th, 2012 03:48 am (UTC)
a lo largo de todo el texto, pero no me parece mal. Digo sólo que suena como un relato antiguo.
¿Por qué no publicas en ks archives? Hay una sección para español, por cierto.
Y Greywolf esta ciertamente interesado, por eso está esperando algo nuevo.
Tus ideas son buenas.
ariadnechanariadnechan on February 7th, 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
Pues que no me has dicho nada!

crees que espere algo más que solo el final feliz y las intenciones finales de tpau? por que eso es todo lo que tengo, estoy pensando solo si lo termino con un y son muy felices mirando al futuro tipo de ending o son muy felices teneiendo sexo como conejos y un gran futuro tipo de ending


no quiero decepcionarlo

que lo demas iria en otra parte pues la navidad termino hace 2 meses y se me junto con san valentin