Watson Woes Promot 2 "Stirred, not Shaken"

Title: "Stirred, not Shaken."
Author: ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Sherlock BBC
Character: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Relationships/Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Taking risks even stupid ones is part of The Game.
Content Warnings: None.
Word Count: 738
A.N.: this in unbetaed 
JWP Prompt # 2: "Roll of the Dice" a character will take a risk it could be calculated or foolhardy one.

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Watson Woes promt one: "Just like Touch."

Title: "Just Like Touch."
Author: ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Sherlock
Character: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Relationships/Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Blood is like a Touch.
Content Warnings: None except some little blood
Word Count: 194
A.N.: this in unbetaed
JWP Prompt # 1: 'Tis But a Scratch

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Leonard died

I'm shocked, my brother just send me a message, he knows I'm a fan.
The other day I read an old poem he left on Twitter.

his Mr. Spock means a lot to me and I feel like Kirk in the engineering chamber.

The poem was his hand reaching to us, and Idk if we could cope.

I hope your katra found peace in the halls of your ancestors. llAP.

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i'm new in Harry potter fandom even if I read all the boks at the time and watched all the movies, I didn't read any fics until this year though.

The thing is I need a beta! I made my first fic in this fandom I did a challenge who was HP and I did an incomplete fic since Dumbledore in the Astronomy tower and the death eater attack and forward with Harry master of death and accidental soulbond between Harry/Draco/hermione.

and this is the banner i made for the project

 photo d34e34e6-f425-43ec-a8be-409186c4fd94_zpse0e4a29d.png

My intentions is to find a beta to work on, I'm actually enter in a challenge for the sequel.
so the intention is for a novel long in the end. I need grammar because English is my second language, I'm a Spanish speaker living in a Spanish country(Chile), as some of you must know by now. I need plot counsel about battles mostly and spells, tasks and things like that, flow and anything you thnk it could be improved.

This fic will start for the end of 6th year and going au from there to the hunting without Ron who will get training students with the others for battle and to the final battle:

First fic centered in the trio bonding and Harry master of death meeting Thanatos the greek god of death his new powers and his soulmates. it has like 12k written and it is like 2/3 writen but I need grammar help and some advice, i'm a little lost with battles. So any help is apreciated. because I got stuck in a fight in the middle.

The second book the one the challenge I will enter on in November will be about after they end up the newts and all. Harry/Draco/hermione must heal the magical england right the wrongs and Harry must tell the truth about one little problem if Draco and Mione are his soulmates what will happen to them when they die? he is immortal, so they will be undead for all eternity?
Harry wants to change that and save them for this he needs an audience with Hecate(lady Magic) and the Fates, and maybe more gods to know if they want to make them immortal too... or something

Draco and Hermione have no idea of any of this, they want a family and make the world better.
unknown to harry the gods has there own phrophesy about him and they are waiting for him to die in human form and became really immortal, and really don't care about the other humans, what about them? they had been waited for Harry more than 1000 years, one of them even more.

please send me a personal message or leave me a note here and I can give you my email. if you don't have it already

Thanks you and a lot of hugs!!

Thank you all
crazy you

Prompt # 3.: "Learning is Brilliant as Glitter."

Title: “Learning is Brilliant as Glitter.”
Author: ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (BBC)
Characters: Dr. John H. Watson/Sherlock S. Holmes.
Warnings: Bamf John, Bamf Sherlock.
Word Count: 1065
Summary: John learnt a lot of things from his fellow officers and men in his deployments. You never know when something would become in handy.
Author's Notes: July 3, 2014 prompt for Watson_ woes

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Watson woes 2014 : A Bloody Flat Night.

Title: "A Bloody Flat Night"
Author: ariadnechan
Rating: pg
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (BBC)
Characters: Dr John H. Watson, Sherlock S. Holmes
Warnings: Indiscriminate use of 'bloody', first pov, and I'm not native english speaker.
Word Count: 313
Summary: Chasing criminals over London streets have it's ups, down, and flats. Two days ago it was a bloody flat.

Author's Notes: July 1, 2014 prompt.

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