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There’s no Sunshine without You a ship wars fic

Title: There’s No Sunshine Without You
Rating: R
Summary: Rain in San Francisco was not news, but when Spock is away it’s like the sky knows Jim misses him.
Warnings: NONE [TOS established bonded couple, long after TMP]
Word Count: 993
Beta: Thanks to my commander anoncomment7 and my friend verizonhorizon
Disclaimer: Why they aren't mine? Why?, well they are from Paramount and all that jazz

Jim is troubled. Now that Spock is an ambassador—one hell of an ambassador, too—he’s gone a lot. As an admiral, Jim is busy too, but for fun he sometimes visits the academy to supervise the Kobayashi Maru. Tonight, Spock will not be there when he returns to their apartment.

Rain in San Francisco was not news, but when Spock is away it’s like the sky knows how much Jim misses him. Feeling nostalgic, Jim decides to walk home without the practical water-proof clothes. He takes out one of the antiques he has in the office—an umbrella.

He loves little things from the past, like walking in the rain, getting wet while thinking. The problem is all he can think about is Spock. He can see his sexy eyebrow rise in curiosity or teasing. And his hands…oh, his hands. No other living being in the universe had those beautiful, long fingers like Spock, whose caresses are like velvet, who tastes like flowers, and who sends bolts of lightning shoot through Jim every time they kiss with their fingertips.

At the back of his mind, he can feel the love, and the brilliant mind, of his Mate, but he is a tactile person. He needs to touch and to feel. Yes, he is human, and he loves to be one with the one he loves.

Spock always tells him they’re never are apart because they are always with each other through the bond they share. But that only makes it more difficult for Jim. He is so close, that he wants to touch—really touch him—to taste, to feel the scent of the incense on his porcelain body. And he knows his Vulcan loves him too, even if he is an irrational human who needs skin to skin contact.

Jim arrives at his apartment. There are messages awaiting for him on his desk, but he goes to their bedroom instead of answering them. He takes off his clothes, falling back onto the enormous bed, because he is alone. Concentrating on the bond, he sends his plea of need. Reassurance, love, and images came back to him, so he opens his mind to them.
It’s him and Spock!

They’re in the same bed Jim is lying on now. Spock’s beautiful hands are on his torso, mapping the scars of so many battles, kissing his way down. Jim closes his eyes and tries to feel Spock’s weight and his scent around him. It is not so difficult. The image is so real, and his need is so profound that he lets himself feel… feel Spock’s hands, his silky hair, and the slight touch of lips that seems to penetrate through his skin to his heart, to his guts.

He tries to hear that handsome, deep voice call him by his given name.
The caresses continue—he almost can feel the weight over him, and the firm, velvet hand on his manhood. He hopes and tries to make it real with his own hand. He reaches down, looking for release. He can feels Spock’s caress—how it becomes heavy and fast—he can almost feel a soft kiss on his lips. The frottage continues, and he can almost hear Spock’s voice, his gasps, and the unconditional love—so deep, so present, so Spock .

Seduced by the charm and embrace of his phantom partner, Jim rocks his hips into his hand.
The images are now in his old captain's quarters with Spock—who fixes everything, who takes care of him and his beloved ship, who makes him frantic just by sending images of their love making—just the stimulation of thinking of Spock and his hands is more than Jim can take. He comes, crying out his bond-mate’s name.

He falls asleep focusing on his love for his Vulcan and the love he receives back. His dreams are about the cottage he has in the mountains, where they had been in the past, just the two of them—sitting on the couch in front of the fire place, talking about new research as well as politics, history and literature.

Jim awakes in the night and looks for Spock as his side, but there is only cold space. He huddles back under the covers and tries to dream about Spock again.

The morning comes with the buzzer of his clock. He showers, put his clothes on, and goes to make coffee. In the kitchen there is a large selection of tea leaves and bags, and Jim brews his coffee plus a little cup of jasmine tea.
Nobody takes the cup, but the mingling scents in the air makes Jim more at home.

When he leaves, he tries to imagine Spock going out with him. But the house is empty and that knowledge makes Jim a little empty, too. It is a little cloudy, but no rain is on the horizon for today. He tries to think in the work ahead. He is the director this year for Starfleet Academy. He arrives at his office to find a lot of Padds waiting for him as normal. His assistant, Ensign Jeffries, who looks very stoic for a human, tells him his appointments for the day.

The only interesting part of his day is going to the commander seminar. There, he feels the enthusiasm for being in space. The young men and women are determined, and Jim sees the potential for a new good captain for a new good ship.

Yes, he misses the Enterprise . He remembers when he lost her, in flame and glory with Klingons in her tummy while he was trying to save Spock from death.

There is no memory without Spock in it.
Jim hurries home, yearning to talk with him. He can even smell the incense when he reaches the door, and his mind is full of joy. He opens the door as quickly as he can, and there is he is—all he needs…

Tags: fic, k/s, shipwars

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