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22 December 2011 @ 10:59 pm
Fic for the k/sadvent: The solstice of the Young prologue.  

The Solstice of The Young


Terra, Earth Empire, Head Quarters.

The Aged Admiral was looking at the sun setting across the bay outside the window, when he heard the knock on his door, which made him, came back to reality.

“Please enter, Lieutenant Kirk" he said, gesturing the young man inside.

James Tiberius Kirk was the youngest lieutenant in Starfleet having just graduated from Star Fleet Academy. A brilliant strategist and a good soul he was the perfect one for the job. Kirk was even the most handsome and charming therefore meeting every requirement, but Admiral Archer was not happy with this assignment. He was especially not happy to send one of his best men, a promise for his dream Federation of planets, to an uncertain destiny, to a mission so vital, but also so dangerous.

“Please take a seat Lieutenant" he said. The boy didn't know a thing and was so proud to be there. This was getting better and better.

“Look, I really dislike protocol, especially in these cases, so I will get to the point. You, my boy, were selected for an undercover operation but don't be too happy about it just yet." He warned as Kirk began to grin. The grin faded quickly as the admiral continued.

"This operation has a starting point set, but we really don’t know when we will be able to retrieve you, or even if we will be able to at all. There’s a real possibility that this may be a one way ticket, or you may just have to save your own ass.”

The admiral noticed that the face of the poor kid passed from exhilaration to absolute confusion in one instant. That was not that bad, at least he didn't snap or run away the admiral thought.

“Here is the deal. You know that we are working at uniting as many empires as we can in order to form a coalition of planets to go against the Klingons and the Romulans, right?" When Kirk nodded he continued. "The thing is we need the Vulcans.” Kirk looked at the admiral in confusion.

“Forgive me sir but the Vulcan Empire is neutral they don’t intend to meddling in our affairs and the same with almost everyone else; the exception being the ancient problem with the Andorian Empire, but the open war finished like a century ago." when the admiral nodded he went on.

"They dislike having business with anyone even with their own people on their own planet. They are warriors like the Klingons, maybe more honorable and advanced, but stronger and more intelligent, so more frightful than the Romulans. For most of their history, they were at war with each other. Why in hell would we want something with them?”

“Because, technologically they are more advanced and they are great warriors, as you said" the admiral replied. "Andorian Intelligence says that they can achieve warp 8.8 without any difficulty and we can’t do that my dear boy. We need them.” The admiral paused then decided he might as well tell Kirk all of it.

“So, you will go as a slave to the house of Solkar, now ruled by T´Pau, the ederly matriarch of the most influential clan. She has no living sons or daughters and her grandson Sarek has only one offspring, the prince Spock who is rumored to not be completely Vulcan. Intelligence believes that Spock is half human, so you can charm him or his father into signing a treaty with us when T’Pau will pass away and they take over the house of Solkar. Or even better make one of them convince the old hag to sign it now."

“That is your brilliant plan?” The kid was really amused if his smirk was any indication.
“I really don’t know if you notice how many flaws your plan has? For starters, Vulcans are a telepathic race. I really must give you the memo about this information?” Kirk said not bothering to hide his sarcasm.

“No, you don’t." The admiral replied, noting the sarcasm but resisting commenting on it, the kid certainly had guts. "We are aware of it and we know that telepathy is limited mostly touch telepathy, but some individuals, maybe the most important ones like priestesses are capable of complete use of telepathy without touch. We are also aware that Sarek and Spock are likely capable of this kind of telepathy in certain occasions, but this ability is very rare. However we are not concerned about this because you will be trained to block telepathy and you will forget a lot of things my dear boy.” Kirk gave him an incredulous look.

“How do you expect me to learn to block telepathy and what happens if I say I don’t want you to mess with my mind or go on this suicide mission?” The lieutenant raised an eyebrow a little, more waiting for an answer than dismissing the whole thing.

“We have our methods and some good friends are highly trained Betazoid masters, and Bene Gesserit priestesses; who are ready to begin with your training immediately. As for your second question, I’m sorry James, I really am, but you don't have any choice about being a part of this mission. It is already decided for you. But as a consolation if you’ll pass your first year of training with flying colors you will be promoted to commander, and you can’t tell me commander at 21, doesn’t sound good. In addition, if you comeback you will have the best ship of the empire, a new one just for you as a captain. The first one with the better warp engine.” Admiral Archer smiled. He knew he had hit Kirk’s button. He had seen how the kid seemed to dream of the possibilities. He will behave and he will comeback.

“So, you are with us or do I call the security and med officers?”

“Can I call my parents to say I'm going on a long deep space mission?”

"Yes and we will give you all the fake info. Apparently your escort is here to take you to your new living arrangement. I hope you will find this at your convenience, your things are already there." The admiral stood up and extended his hand to the young man.

"We will see you again in two days, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship my boy.” Kirk looked at him with a cynical smirk.

“I think this is the beginning of an imprisonment and a life of slavery. In the future, Admiral, when I come back and I will come back, we can talk about a future friendship, not before." He says with a charming smile and fire in his eyes. “If you excuse me Admiral, my future just arrived."

Archer sighed. He really was sorry for the boy but they can't risk more men and this was one on of the better, albeit riskier choices. One brave man was better than none. He was confident that James Kirk would deliver, and his dream of a Federation of Planets will be a reality, even if he won’t be longer around to see it with his own eyes.

Now Archer must face the difficult part of the pact with the Bene Gesserit. In his heart he understands that he was selling his own soul to the devil but he will do anything to have his dream come true, even if he must sell the kid and dragged with him to hell with him.

He hit the button for the connection. “Venna, please let the Reverend Mother Bene Gesserit in.”


master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html
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inu_spockyainu_spockya on December 23rd, 2011 10:52 am (UTC)
woo, different! okay, off to read moar!!
(hope yer beta is fast!)
ariadnechanariadnechan on December 23rd, 2011 02:28 pm (UTC)
so so, but they abandon me for xmas. and one of them is really sick and help me until she faint!!
i'm recheking chapter 6 but i will not have no one to look at it for final either 7, until next week

Edited at 2011-12-23 02:29 pm (UTC)
J.the_physicist on January 27th, 2012 08:46 pm (UTC)
Interesting! I remember you were saying about having a difficult prompt with having to write a slave fic, so the cross-over with Dune and the way you set up the Vulcans is very interesting and I can't wait to read more, Ari, to see how you managed this difficult fic! :-D
ariadnechanariadnechan on January 27th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC)
yes and i'm very proud! i just posted chapter 11 i have in beta chapter 12 and i'm trying to finish the last chapter, but Spock is a little stubborn
so maybe he want to make the happy ending in another chapter so i'm fighting with him because i said it will be 12 chapters and an epilogue, and he says he still is not ready to the happy ending so he need this chapter as 13 and the epilogue.

But T'Pau and Jim are ready to go in chapter 12 with the next as the epilogue well i really hope you like it!!!

i will do the first check on the beta of 12 today.

my house is a mess a chaos!!
i have constructors painting and is everything in chaos (obviously they are not a professional enterprise, because is too expensive so they are two persons only, so i'm two weeks into the chaos. wish me luck!

how are you??
J.the_physicist on January 27th, 2012 10:04 pm (UTC)
It might take me a while to catch up with all my reading, but obviously I'll get there in time, hehe! Can't wait to read more of this story and I hope Spock behaves for you ;) .

I can imagine it's chaos having people work in your house. they are working on the inside, right? or only the outside? what are you having done? two weeks sounds like a lot, good luck with that!

and I think i will have to pm you how I am, lol.
ariadnechan: klingonsariadnechan on January 27th, 2012 10:17 pm (UTC)
on the inside
so i had my kids out of the house 7 days

we ate in the backyard with all the sun in the face for 2 days, then i was hide in my room for four days, after that i sleep on the floor in the living room 2 days
i slept with hubby in the room of one son, then in the other, we had no shower 2 days (one day) because we shower first and after we couldn't use it for 30 hours.

now they need to make the details and we will face the disaster!!!!!
how to put the house together again
and how to take out the painting and the dust from the floor XD

i had no light one day
J.the_physicist on January 27th, 2012 11:30 pm (UTC)
Ah, good luck with that! I know how terrible that can be as i lived on a building site for a couple of years. there's just so much dust. I think a lot of vacuuming and wiping down surfaces and walls with a damp cloth will be necessary :(. hope it doesn't take too long *hugs*