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22 December 2011 @ 11:17 pm
ks advent fic The Solstice of the young  

master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html

The Solstice of The Young

Chapter Two

Sarek's Office.

Spock stomped into his father’s office. “My son, I am sure that you are pleased with your man slave and you have come to express your gratitude, but no thanks are necessary, I want only the best for my son.” Sarek had an almost smile on his face. If one didn’t know better one could say he was one of those rebellious adherents of the banned Surak’s religion, because he never express a complete emotion in his face.

“Not, exactly, my father, i am really grateful with anything you desire to give me…” Spock began before his father cut him off.

“Your gratitude is accepted.”Sarek said. Spock was starting to feel the anger rise but he knew he was with his father and when that emotion hit, it was impossible to take it back, and his father didn’t tolerate real emotions.

“Sa-mekh, I come here to discuss that even though I am grateful, I am in no need of such a slave.” Sarek immediately raised his head that had been lowered to his papers.

“Let me make this clear my son. Your 'Fa-ko-mekh', T’Pau and myself are worried, because you are stubborn and do not take care of yourself as your peers do so- (being care of by personal slaves. He is not to be just a bed slave, as you are thinking now- although that is part of the services we need from them. They are your personal assistant, the one who makes sure all of your needs are taken care of in every way, so that you may peruse more important matters.”

“But Sa-mekh, I am more than capable of …”

“Stop your childish talk. Tomorrow you will go to the training camps for the tournaments; do you really think the other sons of the more prestigious houses of the empire will go alone?” Spock was speechless, he always assumed this.

“They will go only with their personal slaves, who will take care of their needs while they are in training. Also there are no woman permitted in the camp, so with whom do you intend to relieve your bodily urges, with your peers?

“I know that you are naive because I had to take care of finding a slave for you, deceiving you until the last moment because you will not take one of your own. But please spare me the virginity act. I know all about your previous partners.” Spock was now on the verge of rage.

“Who gave you the right to pry into my private affairs?” he demanded. Sarek looked at him sternly.

“Let me see my son. The fact that you are minor under our law until your first pon farr or your first kill in battle, neither of which are even on the horizon yet; the fact that, I’m worry that any of them would carry a disease that could hurt you, and because I want to know about the life of my son. If you are in fact asking yourself stupid things, wanting to know if I implanted those persons or I filmed you that mere thought is insulting and repulsive. I have confidence in your abilities to find a suitable partners and I have no need to see what do you with them in bed.” Sarek returned to his papers.

“If that is all, I ask that you remove your person from my presence before one of us says or acts in a manner not becoming of our status. “

Spock stomped out of the quarters of his father feeling a variety of emotions with anger the most prominent. He was not a child and he was being treated as one. He was twenty eight years of age, mature enough in several other worlds and he even had a degree from the Vulcan Science Academy. He could go to war but he was not considered an adult by Vulcan standards. Now he was stuck with that Kirk, for six months. At least he could say he seemed intelligent and aesthetically pleasing enough to show off, that was probably the idea his grandmother had in mind.


Spock entered in his chambers to find the slave asleep in the bed arranged for him despite his anger, Spock felt compelled to look at him more closely.

The first thing that called to his attention was his particular scent. It was really quite different though not unpleasant. His sleep cover was really not covering him as he was unaccustomed to the heat. Spock could see his body; He was fit and it was clear he trained regularly. The color of his skin was strange like some wood and he was covered by a fine wet sheen as though he lost fluid from his body. Maybe it was like a cooling system of his body, fascinating. However that would be an inconvenient in the deep desert where one needed to conserve water not lose it in such a manner. He will consult a healer for a solution because the Tri-ox compound the man talked of earlier was about the oxygen and the effects of greater gravity on him, not for a rational cooling system.

Then Spock looked the face of the man. It has very graceful features like a young woman and his ears were the most peculiar as they were round. Spock found he had to stop himself from reaching out to touch them.

His hair was thicker and the color was between brown and yellow, most peculiar. He noticed before that his eyes were blue but differences in skin or eye color was not so rare between some Vulcans, like other skin color like completely dark brown. However this man’s particular skin and hair color was different from anything Spock had ever seen before.

Deciding there was no other choice than to accept his present situation, he decided to go immediately to the healer and the tailor to rectify the water loss problem, because they have only a few hours to made a temporary solution.

While Spock made these arrangements, he started to lose his previous negative feelings and his eagerness for the tournament came back in full. Maybe everything will better in the morning.


Notes about Vulcan language

Sa-mekh = Father

Fa-ko-mekh = Grand Mother

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alinealghost: Zachalinealghost on December 23rd, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
"No learning is ever wasted"
Surak's Analecta; The Vulcan Soul.
Spock is learning...
ariadnechanariadnechan on December 23rd, 2011 03:37 am (UTC)
but is better no one notice this, because is from his house Surak was born

inu_spockyainu_spockya on December 23rd, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)
ah, so!
loving this, dear one -- Dune is an always favourite. may your house always have cool water and plentiful shade, blessings for you!

"The spear in the other's heart is the spear in your own, for you are he. There is no other hope for us but this, that we grow wise."
--Analects of Surak

*off to read moar*