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22 December 2011 @ 11:30 pm
k/s advent fic: The solstice of the young  

master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html

The Solstice of The Young

Chapter Three

The Camp.

“Do you really like purple Spock?” Jim asked with a mischievous smile and intense eyes roamed all over his body.

“Purple is the color of my House and as my slave assistant you must share my colors.” Spock replied.

“I get that, but why do I need to wear the scuba suit?”

“I noticed last night when I was covering you. Your sleeping habits are very undesirable, that you lost a lot of water. I surmised this phenomenon was caused because it is your body’s cooling system, which is completely improper in the deep desert where we are heading. So I decided to have a tailor and healer design and construct a suitable solution, maybe not the most pleasing but they had only six hours. They will send more appealing, lighter and better constructed replacements in the near days.” Jim was impressed.

“So, you were looking at the merchandise last night, you see anything to your liking?” As his smirk grew larger Spock almost wanted to scream or hit him off his ride.

“Also thanks, Spock, it is really cool in this.” Suddenly his eyes were filled with gratitude; It was as if Spock was seeing another man in front of him, but sadly, it didn’t last long.

“I have some really fascinating ideas of how to repay you for your favors your highness” and just like that the smirk was back and the interesting man was gone.


Finally after a long day and night, they arrive at the Camp. Spock was accompanied by guards for the journey and servants who will make the tent and the facilities for the prince of the house of the Matriarch T’Pau- although they would go as soon as the facilities were put together, except maybe one or two.

As soon as they had arrived, Kirk immediately was in command of the operation seeing that everything was in order and where everything will be. He was using the cooling purple cloths and veils of different colors above it, to make it more pleasing, Spock supposed and while the servants were busy Spock himself was busy with the guards making a list of the ceremonial weapons. Lastly he obtained advice about the care of them and what more he must take more in consider in his practices.

After this was finished at the end of the day, Spock left his servant party to their dinner because they would part after that, and asked for the servants and the guards to remember to bring the better cooling clothing for his personal slave as soon as they were available.

He headed to his tent to change proper attire for dinner, then to find and greet the others contestants who were in the same activities as him during the day. When he reached his tent he found Kirk nude. Spock was startled for a moment as Kirk was giving Spock his back. He was not as boney or as slender as Vulcans were, he was muscular but he was also round with broad shoulders and back. All very alien characteristics, but even if Spock didn’t want to recognize it, they were all very mesmerizing ones. Spock must have made a sound, because apparently Kirk didn’t hear him come in, he turned quickly at the sound.

“Oh, I should put a bell on that long beautiful neck of yours, because I didn’t hear you enter master” he said with a smirk making no effort to cover himself.

“What are you doing, if I may ask?” Spock studiously kept his eyes off the body in front of him.

“I’m preparing myself for the dinner with the big noble boys of course!” he said with a broad honest smile. “Don’t you know that this is the time when you must show of me around, and I’m supposed to show how much I love you and how good you are in bed, how intelligent and manly man you are? All of this while I feed grapes into that beautiful mouth of yours?” he teased and made a smug smile, with a dash of sarcasm.

“I know I still don’t know how good you are in bed but I know you will disappoint and neither will I. Also please remember, master, that a little slap in my ass could be a good idea or whatever the other boys do to their slaves as token of affection. Understood Spock?” he asked with a knowing grin.

“I can’t believe I am taking orders from you now.” Spook shook his head but Jim laughed outright.

“Actually this order comes from your Highness the Matriarch. You will never know all the things she told me and I will spare them from your naivety and the respect you profess for your granny.”

Spock was totally astonished; he really didn’t know what to believe of any of this anymore. Was there any part of his life that was ever truly his?


At the table there were twelve other noble Vulcans around Spock’s age, no one above the age of thirty, and no one less than twenty years old. Jim was stunned to see that some of them were different colored ones. He always thought all the Vulcan’s skins were pallid green, but there were pallid white and dark brown skinned, and there were two of them with pale blue eyes but the silky black hair was the norm, except in one who had curls.


Jim checked every detail. The big Lords, twelve in total, had their best attires, the slaves too as Jim quickly figured out and they were really something. There was one Vulcan but he was greener and the pheromones were difficult not to feel, less than a real Orion, but they were there. An exquisitely beautiful Deltan with precious stoned chains but chains nevertheless and while on a Deltan wasn’t difficult to understand, he can feel the pain of the poor alien. An actual Orion very pretty for a man of his species, almost a woman, he was taking pheromone suppressors, Andorians and other races he didn’t recognize but every one of them had a common trait, their they were all visually appealing. Their masters were very pleased with the looks his peers were giving them, assessing them, during the dinner. But Jim knew most of the gazes were for him, well and the Deltan. He also knew it was likely because no one had seen a human slave before.

Jim was dressed for the occasion with his better slave outfit, the one that used a lot of clothes but left nothing to the imagination showing skin in all the key parts. However the thing that surprised Jim the most, wasn’t the hungry gazes, from the others in the table, it was Spock. At some point in the dinner, Spock was circling his waist with his arm and sitting him on one of his knees, openly marking Jim as his property. Jim was very pleased by this revelation.


Spock could not take this stupid show anymore, his father was right, he was naïve. This tournament not was only to prove oneself as a warrior; it was to show off how rich and opulent you were. It was a bunch of adolescents who really did not deserve the title of adults but he had no other alternative than to fit in or be treated as a freak by his peers and bring shame to his house and his grandmother. So be it, he thought. He will play the game at his best if his boredom didn’t consume him, first.

The other thing Spock really despised about his peers right away was that one of the slaves was a half or quarter Vulcan and Orion in origin. He identified the owner as Stonn from one of the lesser houses who was sure to want to show off more than the others. Spock would bring the issue to his grandmother after their arrival.

Finally, what awakened real anger in him was the hunger he saw in every eye directed at Kirk.

He remembered that he said that he must show some kind of affection so he embraced his waist firmly and made him sit in his lap in one swift movement. He could see envy in the others, and he could feel astonishment, pride and some lust in the human. The last was most strange but he let it pass.

After dinner his servants and guards had left to his house except one for the kitchen and one for laundry for the communal necessities. The training would start tomorrow morning.

Spock was tired and return to his tent to find Kirk sprawled all over the bed looking at him as he was a Le-matya, and maybe he was.

“Spock, do you need help with your clothes?” He asked in a musical tone, almost like a cat purring. Spock shook his head.

“It is not necessary, Kirk, I can do it myself. I appreciate your earlier help, because I really hadn’t anticipated the childishness of my peers, or the necessity of your services to show you off, it had sound bane to me until dinner. But really you do not need to service me in everything. I want to apologize for my former territorial act toward you but the prying, hungry eyes on you were really distasteful, and you said I must show my affection to you in some manner, so I acted.” Spock was trying not to look at Kirk while apologizing because he was feeling the heat in his cheeks rising while recalling the feel of Jim in his knee and his intoxicating smell. He could still feel it.

“Spock, There is no need for you to apologize, I really feel awful while they were looking at me like that, and it was a pleasant surprise that you protect me from them.” Spock noticed that Kirk was not in the bed anymore, but in front of him, disrobing him with precision, like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Spock felt like in a trance and could not move or say anything for a couple of moments, except to look into the shifting color eyes of the other man- sometimes appeared green; other times blue, or like right now they were a deep, deep blue. Spock’s attention shifted when he heard Kirk’s musical soft purr say something to his ear.

“You are different than the others Spock, that’s why I really like you, and you have my permission to explore me and if you want, to take me, not because you own me, but because I want you to. If you are not ready for it, I will wait and I’ll be content only to sleep in your arms”.

Spock could tell something was wrong, but what could it be? This Kirk was not a telepathic being. Maybe it was only he was really attractive and Spock had being alone for some time, and that entire stupid act with the others and the lust in their thoughts were affecting him. And this man really wanted him, and his lust was really frustrating him and made him need, he needed, yes he needed… but he could not. He could not be more than his basic urges. He can stay the night with Kirk in his bed and not satisfied his need yet. He needed strength for tomorrow.

“You are very pleasing Kirk, but I prefer we know each other better and I need to be strong for tomorrow, but you will sleep with me.”

Jim knew how close he was of imprinting, but this was the first night, and he won already a spot in his bed, his trust and protection. Maybe this will be better than he expected. But Spock was so beautiful it would be difficult for him not to jump him right then and there tonight, or any other night.

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alinealghost: Zachalinealghost on December 23rd, 2011 03:04 am (UTC)
OMG. Jim is the devil from Bene Gesserit's Abomination, a breeder! And you make him a destil-suit! How many time Spock will take to discover the kind of slave that he owns? You are evil, ari...
ariadnechanariadnechan on December 23rd, 2011 03:40 am (UTC)
No i'm a very good girl!!
and he is an empath trained by the betazoids also, yep he is an abomination.

y es lindo! y no puede tener bebes lo cual es una pena, o si??? me pregunto cuantos tuvo en tres años de entranamiento y 3 de academia??? para la orden sin darse cuenta. Pobrecito

Archer vendiste su alma!

Edited at 2011-12-23 03:40 am (UTC)
alinealghost: Zachalinealghost on December 23rd, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
"Se vale caminar con el diablo, hasta haber atravesado el puente"...pero vaya pacto que firmó Archer. No lo dejarás que se libre, cierto?