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22 December 2011 @ 11:45 pm
fic K/S advent: The Solstice of the Young  

master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html

The Solstice of The Young

Chapter Four.

The days passed uneventfully for a couple of week or so. Spock’s routine after the morning ablutions, was a half of cycle meditation which he was not supposed to be doing, while Jim prepared the things for the training. Then they went to the camp of practice, Jim would fit Spock’s leather armor and then went to meditate himself, while the others were tidyng up the tents, and then go to get ready for the lords breakfast and the preparations of the day, in other words, the slaves gossip club.

Jim knew the worst of the lords was Stonn, no one really wanted to serve him, and he was trying to get a piece of every other slave assistant on the camp. T’Grell the half Orion half Vulcan slave was Stonn’s because of a debt of his mother, and because he was never recognized by his Vulcan father. Jim and the others were alerted of the bad habits and violence Stonn managed his subordinates with, so everyone was trying to avoid him. Jim explained to T’Grell one or two sex tricks to try to make life easier of the poor guy.

In the first week also came the new better suits for Jim to wear in the day, really an they were really an improvement, not only kept him cool, but retain the liquid his body was eliminating through his pores keeping him fresh and hydrated. They were very light and of course the twenty sets were also in varying shades of purple, but definitely more fashionable, than the scuba one.

In the little free time Jim had he started to learn Vulcan language more accurately from the slaves and to read the basics.

At night Jim’s progress was minimal, as Spock was determined to take this slow and on his terms. But Spock started to look more at Jim and ask him questions about earth and other planets. And Jim asked questions too about his childhood and his dreams.

One night, four months into it, Jim was focusing on his Bene Gesserit mantras when he felt Spock leaning over him, so he tried to shift his thoughts to his early childhood. Spock, thinking he was asleep reached for him and began to sniffing him; finally he touched the shell of Jim’s ear, and very carefully touched his hair sniffing it too. Then, as suddenly as he started, he let it go and went to his spot and pretended to sleep. The warmth of Spock body made Jim’s body react almost immediately, but he had the mastery over his body to not to move, if he didn’t want to. So he decided going to sleep was the better alternative; tomorrow he would act on this new development.


Spock couldn’t sleep at all that night. He could feel the ever presence of Kirk’s body lying near him, some nights when he was certain the human was asleep he had let himself simple to look at him, the roundness of his ears, the contours of his face every curve of his alien sinuous body. His golden color hair, while there was minimal hair in his chest, there was more of the same golden hue of it in his arms and slightly darker one covering his legs. The tone of his skin was alien as well, as it was not pale, nor green, nor dark brown, or blue. Kirk’s skin was the same color of a tree in the house of his father that his mother used to grow along with her roses. The name escaped him, but that was the color of Kirk’s skin.

However, tonight it was impossible for him not to explore the enticing body further, than simple looking at him- even though Spock was not sure if the human was asleep yet. So as he reached for him, he inhaled his tantalizing his fragrance, warm and musky and alien. Spock was unable to stop himself from touching his golden hair. It was not like his own, it was more rough and thick, but very pleasant to the touch. Spock caught himself ghosting his fingers on the meld points before he pulled away and turned back to his side of the bed.

He had immediately seen how intelligent Kirk was; he had learned to speak fluent ordinary, Vulcan in two weeks flat and Spock had caught him more than once, trying to decipher first and translate later actual albeit children’s books. Not every being could be said to have such intelligence. Spock found himself wondering if this Kirk could inflame his mental lust like he clearly had ignited the physical one. But why he wondered these things?

Why did he want, no, need more?? There was the always present opportunity to take and fulfill his physical need. Kirk has said on more than one occasion that he wanted Spock as well, and that he would welcome a sexual encounter between them. Not because it was his duty, but because his own free will. Why did Spock needs more than that? Why with Kirk?

Spock couldn’t sleep at all that night.


Jim was trying to read a book in simple basic Vulcan the next night and Spock caught him.

“What are you doing, Kirk?” He asked really impressed.

“I’m trying to learn your language, Spock” he said in the basic Vulcan that servant used. Spock looked at him intently.

“I’m very pleased with your interest. Your intelligence also pleases me as you were able to learn the basic Vulcan so quickly. If you are interested I can teach you high Vulcan and to read more than just basics.” Spock’s eyes smiled at him and when Jim smiled back obviously pleased by the idea of learning more. A new fire began to smolder.

“It will be my honor to learn from you, Spock, but you know I have nothing to repay you with. But I have said to you that I really wish to be with you.” Spock felt again the musical purring, Jim left the book and came so close they were sharing the same air and looked at him with that shifting eyes, Spock was enthralled. Jim reached out and took Spock’s hand it into his.

“So please Spock just say the word, or act on it and I’ll be yours.” he said, his expression hopeful and full of desire. Spock wanted, he really wanted so much to take was Kirk was offering, but something was off again. Unable of pinpoint the source of his discomfort, Spock would like to take him, but there, it was not safe, so he moved away.

“Kirk, from tomorrow onwards I will be teaching you, but there is no need to thank me or repay me in any way. Only show me that you want to learn, be serious in your learning and advance far.”

Jim now was sure that using the voice with Spock was not working at all only as a turn off every single time he tried. Deciding quickly to change his tactics- he could blind him with his mind talents. Jim replied “Yes, my lord, I will show you my eagerness.” As he spoke Jim smile and he put glow in his eyes that seemed to enthrall Spock.

Spock was not certain that he would refuse anything to those eyes.


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alinealghost: Zachalinealghost on December 23rd, 2011 03:15 am (UTC)
"Tell me about your homeworld, Usul"
Chani, to Paul. Yep, was the first scene that came to my memory.
T'Grell?? Orly? LOL! And Spock, falling slowly but...is the BG training? Is the melange in Jim's smell? How could we know? And the sacred mantras of Reverend Mothers (Moyhiam, Tarazza, etc.). And the meditation for control mind and body. And the pretending, another BG art...
ariadnechanariadnechan on December 23rd, 2011 03:43 am (UTC)
but the breeder voice don't work with spock, everytime jim try Spock snap!
alinealghost: Zachalinealghost on December 23rd, 2011 04:33 am (UTC)
YET. Don't work yet...