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26 December 2011 @ 05:58 pm
K/s advent: The Solstice of the Young, Chapter 6.  
Notes: Sorry for the lateness but I had some problems before and during xmas my betas are awesome, so any remaining error is totally mine.


master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html

The Solstice of The Young

"The Waiting"

Chapter six.

T’ Grell was searching for some medicines from the storeroom when he heard the roar and he followed the sound and found his former master and his savior Lord Spock, in a round of Battle. Jim lied injured or death on the ground. T’ Grell ran with all his might to the healer, he was almost sure, of the meaning of that scene, and it was possible that the healer was the only one who could save any of them.


Jim was coming about to awareness from his consciousness ceasing to function in his body. When he knew his message was heard and he has too little irrigation and oxygen. He made his body lethargic at the point of death to preserve his life. Then making mental account of his injuries, Jim noticed that his neck and left arm were dislocated, and he was covered with bruises, but he would survive; however Jim knew that was ill advised to move.

Then Jim took awareness of his surroundings. He felt two men in rage; a rage so strong, that it was capable to take him with it, so he threw up his shields and made it stronger as he could. He opened his eyes and what he saw made him shiver.

There were Stonn, his attacker and Spock, with their ahn woons, their eyes saw nothing, their hearts seeing nothing, but the pray. In that moment Spock caught Stonn by his ankles and threw him to the ground. Stonn took his ahn woon and using it like a rope tried to strangle Spock. Jim tried to scream to stop them. But no sound came from his mouth.

Certainly he was still too sore to speak, because of before. So even if using his abilities would almost certainly, blow his cover, the only possible solution would be use his not perfect empathy, to save them both.

He began to meditate starting with the litany of the fear, because his heart wanted to escape from his chest, it was pounding so rapidly. When he finally calmed himself, he started to left his feelings, and his thoughts to go away, he remember Xeeanna, his Betazoid master, teachings. First he must feel their emotions, but recognized they weren’t his own. Then he would sent all the calmness and soothing feelings- he was able to summon to the warriors. He couldn’t look to see if this was working or not, because all his might and energy, must be focused in trying to calm them. Hope once again was his only ally. Thinking that he was only human and he was never that good as a Betazoid, wouldn’t help either. Focus, Jim, focus!.

Jim couldn’t tell how much time passed. But several presences approaching, that, was his only cue to stop in his efforts, coming about he knew there was nobody death yet, but the rage was still present. While he heard the yell of the word “KROIKA” in the edge of his conciseness, he felt unconscious for real, this time.


Jim woke up in the healer’s tent, he checked his body, and his neck and arm were almost healed. The bruised was only faded marks, now, and all his cuts were closed and his body was hydrated and was oxygenated. He felt a presence near him who didn’t seems to be threat and he opened his eyes to see T’Grell at his side. Jim tried to talk, but T’Grell stopped him.

“I know what do you want to know about from two nights ago, so I will tell, you, but please rest your throat, it need further healing yet.” Jim had no more option that nod.

“The healer and the camp chief got in time where Lord Stonn and Lord Spock were fighting for the possession of your person. They were separated and the healer, Tavan, administrated a drug to knock them out for a while, their wounds were tended. They are – both- confined, placed under strict meditation state until the Van-kal'kali-tor, the tournament, in two days. Lord Spock knows that you are alive and recovering. This knowledge allowed him the return of part of his reason and helped to achieve meditation state.”

“The tournament as you can see has been moved earlier, because of the incident, but only for them. The Camp Chief has sent for the houses "representatives" of the families of the Lord Spock and Lord Stonn in their difficult moment. However the healer believes that they can wait three more days without a casualty. So you have between two or three days for recovering and to prepare for the result of the Van-kal'kali-tor if there is no change in the chain of events.”

Jim really didn’t understand a thing, he had so many questions assaulting his mind; why Spock was in confinement? Was he ill? Why Jim have to prepare for the result? and why Spock has three days?

“I don’t understand, for what I must prepare for, what happened to Spock?”asked Jim, the words painful coming from his mouth.

“Human, had no one told you? It is the Pon Farr. The Camp chief didn’t read the signs in Stonn in time when he attacked me or when he attacked you the first times. Lord Stonn dragged Lord Spock with him into Pon Farr, because Lord Spock views you as his mate, and he ‘was challenged’. Now they will fight to the death for your possession, unless their families come with a better suitor for one of them, but I really don’t know if Lord Spock would satisfied with anything more than a fight to the death with Lord Stonn for the possession of You.”

“NO! This is all wrong; we never had physical intimacy, and we aren’t mates, why he is so invested, to fight to death over me?” Jim took his hands to his face. This was surreal he didn't want Spock to die.

“Vulcans recognize their mates even by smell alone, by the compatibility of their minds, and several other cues, these signs are often recognized subconsciously. Physical intimacy is not a requirement for recognize one’s mate.” Dismissing his lack of knowledge altogether, he continued. “I will give you some soup and fruit juice, and then you must rest, tomorrow the healer will start to prepare you for your role as a ‘ash-tor'ko-telsu', concubine, of the winner.”

Jim really didn’t want to eat, but his body demanded it, sleep however eluded him. Now he was trapped and he was became nothing more than an object to be owned and used. The only he could do was hope that Spock would be the winner, because he knew his life alongside the prince, would be endurable and he would still be able to finish his mission. The alternative only would cause his perdition because it would end in death either Stonn’s or his own.


Spock was recalling the battle in his meditation. He remembered that in all his inner turmoil, he still could feel the calming effect of, simply, knowing Jim was alive, while trying to kill Stonn with his bare hands, but the strange thing was that Stonn also slow his movements. Perhaps he had sensed the healer approaching? Spock couldn’t really think so much about nothing because his mind wanted to explode- the only desire in his body, mind and soul was Kirk. He must own him completely now. Now, that he knew Kirk was alive and healing for him, waiting for him, but he was trapped, they had him trapped, the rage started again.
So he tried to call out for Kirk, his Kirk, to open his confinement, until he remembered that Kirk was still wounded, and he would wait for him until the tournament ended and if Kirk was calm. Spock forced himself to remain calm too, as he sat in the mat and tried to think in Kirk and his and joyous smile and the calm he felt in the middle of the battle, this would ground him; he must be sane to win his mate. His chosen one, his Kirk.

Spock never slept, because every time he tried to he dreamed he was with his Kirk, but Stonn tried to steal his mate and murder him and then laughed at his misery. Once again Spock would enter into the fury and his blood would start to burn again and the rage consumed him. Only centering himself in Kirk gave him any peace. The circle was infinite, Spock didn’t know the passing of time, he had lost track of his very self, he could feel the flames more and more stronger winning the battle over his body, he knew soon will take his mind too.


Notes about Vulcan Language-

Van-kal'kali-tor = Tournament, Challenge.

Ash-tor'ko-telsu = Concubine, lesser wife or consort.

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inu_spockyainu_spockya on December 27th, 2011 07:52 am (UTC)
woo, holy hit, grrl, this is getting intense!

moar please!! XDDD
ariadnechanariadnechan on December 29th, 2011 11:48 pm (UTC)
oh sorry i didn't see you!!

i'm really happy that you like it so far chapter 7 is up now!