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29 December 2011 @ 08:22 pm
k/s advent fic: The solstice of the young  

master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html

The Solstice of The Young

Chapter seven

The 'Van-kal'kali-tor' decision.

Sarek and T’Pau were not prepared to deal with these developments. Spock was not betrothed because the healers had told them that as he was a half blood the possibility of a Pon Farr was practically non existent, so it was better chance for a marriage after he reached thirty years of age. Because he was fertile like a human male would be, they needed to choose a woman who would accept the fact of this deviation in his genetics.

T’ Pau had some candidates, but she’d had two years left so she didn’t make her final choice because she needed to see compatibility between the possible mates first. So she would go empty handed, and knew the slave was Spock’s only -albeit temporary- alternative but she was aware that the fight would be for the possession of this slave Kirk.

Sarek was in obvious distress, but he had delayed taking a second wife long enough. Now he must face his responsibility, whatever the outcome of this tragedy.

Her only hope was the House of Stonn who would be accompanied by the betrothed of the boy, T’Pring. They had not seen each other since the betrothal ceremony, but T’Pau remembered they had a real compatibility then and the girl was graceful and beautiful, maybe this would appease Stonn and stop the battle.

But T’Pau knew in his heart that Spock will not rest until he avenged the threat against his mate, because Spock viewed Stonn as a rival and this would not change until he saw Stonn motionless and his mate in his arms.

T’Pau had little time, and she had so much to do, so she began with the healer who would accompany her party.


The real ‘Van-kal'kali-tor’- tournament– itself would start at the stipulated time in five days. There was only one earlier than planned round: Spock versus Stonn and it would hold in private, only the family, the immediate friends of the warriors and the healers. It would be headed by T’Pau herself, not only as Spock’s relative, but as the head of the council, as a matriarch of the leading Vulcan House.

The whole camp was in state of chaos as everybody wanted to see and know about all the fuss that had been kept secret and covered up, to them the past four days.


T’Pau with two healers went to see T’Pring first. T’Pau melded with the girl; she was ready and eager to complete her bond; his mate was calling her, and she was answering accordingly.

T’Pau could understand that all that the Camp Chief and the Camp healer told her was because his slave had little compatibility with him and he rejected the slave, that’s why he tried to kill him, and he attacked others. But his nature was violent because even in the very beginning of his Pon Farr he started taking blood of others and before that abusing others. This was not a good trait for an heir of a great House in times of peace that T’Pau had earned with the work of a life time and the lost of a son, this peace she wanted to be kept.

Next she went to see the human boy. This time she melded with him directly, she would not make the same mistake twice because he was a slave. The boy not only had a true compatibility with her grandson, he was a empath. She saw he already had a shallow bond with Spock, even though they never had a sexual encounter or shared a meld. They had the ability to call one another, and this Kirk had soothed Spock and saved his life on several occasions these past days with his empathic abilities. There was something more about him, but he knew how to shield. The boy was more than a mere slave, but someone had manipulated his memories and his mind, if not about Kirk’s feeling for his grandson. She would dig for information about these at later date, now there was not the time.

With guards and healers she called for Stonn, and commanded him to kneel in front of her. “I will take your thoughts child.” His mind was almost in the Plak tow, but his mind recognized that T’Pring was near, but there was hate in his heart; hate and the need of vengeance against Spock, and those were almost as strong as his need for T’Pring.”

“Take him, and prepare him.” T’Pau ordered before adding “Bring Spock to me.” The guards took away Stonn.

Other guards came with Spock and she ordered him to kneel and melded with him. He had chosen his mate as only Kirk, the human, and his mind would not accept other. Spock’s Pon farr was trigged by Stonn’s who first almost killed a friend of his mate. Then he had challenged him, taken what was his. Stonn had touched his Kirk and tried to separate him, from his mate. Spock must kill the challenger and took back his mate Kirk so they quench the fires together until they burn no more.”

“Take him to Sarek and prepare him.” T´Pau orders were carried away.

She sank in her seat. Van-kal'kali-tor as the times of the beginning was unavoidable. Stonn was too far gone and he was too violent to change his mind, he would kill Kirk after he got him, because he didn’t need him he was only as a tool for revenge. Spock was immersed in Pon Farr and he was challenged he wanted to take his mate and be bonded

T’Pau called the family of the contestants. The challenge Van-kal'kali-tor, would come to pass. And after the outcome there would be a bonding ceremony, in the same place. Spock’s or Stonn’s


The gong sounded in the distance, the parties’ entrance into the arena was accompanied by the respective guards with the colors of their houses and the ceremonial bells could be heard coming from the ancient hexagonal instruments.

T’Pau made her entrance carried by four priests and was the only one who stayed inside of the actual arena upon a throne over a podium, guarded by the warriors in ceremonial attires with two healers seated behind her back. The only missing persons were T’Pring and The Human, who waited outside for the outcome.

T’Pau stood with the grace of a young woman but with the authority of the one who rule a world.

“This one of the ritual of passage “The Van-kal'kali-tor”, the tournament, comes from the times of the beginning. It had changed like time had changed us, but its heart as our heart continues the same. The young warrior must prove his skills and value in the ancient arts, these will determine his life or death in the future in “challenge or marriage”, the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee”.

Not so long ago the Van-kal'kali-tor end up with bloodshed and death. With time wars between our houses ends in favor of progress but our heart is Vulcan, our emotions burn inside our veins, especially in our youngest sons.

This is a terrible moment, but is one we must face as Vulcan warriors we are. There was a blood challenge a -Van-kal'kali-tor- interrupted, but these must be finished in order to bring peace to our houses. The rules of the tournament are known for all of us and would be honored. This is our way. In front of everyone the Van-kal'kali-tor challenge will be completed now. The outcome will bring peace and justice. No one will clamor for more blood that the one who will stain this soil. This had being our way from the time of the ancients and will be forever.

This is the solstice of the young heir who will become a Vulcan in his own right. Let the Battle Begin.”


Spock knew now that Kirk was alive for sure, he was able to feel him close by, trying to reach him. Now his mind would be focused at the challenge. He would kill Stonn for trying to take his mate away from him.



The vulcans were preparing for the tournament called ‘Van-kal'kali-tor’ = Battle for a challenge who for this fic is a training tournament, but really is a challenge to the death.
so i took the liberty to said that in ancient times it was to the dead and now not so much.

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alinealghostalinealghost on December 30th, 2011 05:05 pm (UTC)
Al fin de vuelta!!! Veo que ya quedó ¡Muy bien! Esperando el siguiente capi...
ariadnechanariadnechan on January 4th, 2012 08:12 am (UTC)
Que bueno que te gusto!!+aqui solo resolviendo detalles del vulcano y debo ponerme a revisar el 9