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04 January 2012 @ 02:22 am
K/s advent: The Solstice of the Young, Chapter 8  
Notes: at the end there are notes about the Vulcan language used. Also any remaining error is mine because my betas are awesome.


master fic: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com/147046.html

The Solstice of The Young

"The Challenge"

Chapter eight

Spock made his way to the arena tall and proud in his ceremonial armor and the purple sash of his house. In the center of the arena there was the pyre in honor of Khosarr, god of War and challenge; and his bonded wife Akraana, goddess of bonding on fire. From the other side Spock saw Stonn approaching in similar attire but with the vivid orange sash of his house, the color was abusive to Spock’s eyes. They lock on to each other movements.

The guards approached and gave them their respective Lirpas. Spock took his, assessing his weight, before starting to move in circles as was his challenger, facing each other. They were ready.

The gong sounded and this was all they needed to know, before both of them descended in rage upon the other, eyes filled with the green in their veins. They made several swings to prove the other’s balance and ground.

Stonn attacked first but Spock was faster and escaped all the attempts. Spock attacked furiously in return. This went on for some time; there was some bloodshed, but nothing more.

That’s why no one expected Spock’s sudden retreat. Even Stonn was taken aback. But as suddenly as he had retreated, Spock attacked faster than light, with all his fury, he drove the blade directly in the left side of Stonn’s chest, Stonn lost his footing and fell into the ground, a line of green blood coming from his mouth.

“Kroyka” T’Pau said and made a gesture to the guards and the healers.

The guards stopped Spock to attacking further as the healers assessed Stonn’s condition. He was bleeding profusely from his side and the healers nodded to T’Pau.

“Spock cha Sarek cha Skon cha Solkar, Thou art the victor and the possession of the slave Kirk is indisputable in the eyes of our people. Prepare yourself with the healer and a servant until I call for thee again.”

The guards with the purple colors of the house of Solkar, took Spock away of the arena followed by a priest with the ringing bells in the ancient hexagonal instrument.


The healers took Stonn into the medical tent followed by his parents.

T’Pau seated again in her chair more tired than she ever remembered being. Sarek approached her as they need to talk.

After the talking and while the bonding ceremony was prepared, T’Pau had to ascertain the situation of Stonn.


Stonn was gravely injured in the quick battle but Spock only aim at the upper left lung. The healers stopped the bleeding and sealed the wound. Now they had to wait for the body to recover through the healing trance.

T’Pau was greatly relieved that her plan actually worked out. Taking the situation as the Van-kal'kali-tor and not for a challenge for a mate, what it really was. She saved the life of the sons of both houses and stopped a possible war outcome. She really hoped the young Stonn recovered soon, for his own bonding ceremony.

She decides to talk to his young bride herself. T’Pau entered the adjacent room where T’Pring was waiting for news.

“Child, Stonn is in healing trance, but the healers expect a full recovery from his injures” The girl was devastated, but now the light was returning to her face.

“Thanks Ko-mekh-Te'kor -Matriarch- I really though I will die with him today. Or I would be avenging him.”

“My dear now is not the time for war between us. The treaties of peace cost centuries of blood, that’s why the tournament exists. But your fiancé did wrong to Spock and there had to be a Koon-ut-kal-if-fee challenge; because in the fires of Pon Farr, in Spock’s eyes, the slave was his mate and your betrothed the challenger. I tried to prevent it, when I brought you here, but Stonn would not to let it go his personal vendetta even for you. So this had to be settled the ancient way. But I would not permit the death of an heir of a noble house, because of it. So I took it as a minor challenge over a slave who would be resolved over the same tournament the boys were preparing for. So the healers where instructed to indicate to me when some of the contestant were incapable of continuing, to call an end to the Van-kal'kali-tor. So I permitted Stonn to live, the honor was satisfied, without an unnecessary death of an heir without an offspring."

"Now it is your job, to make his second life an honorable one, one which serve our people and our ways, or take his life if we make a mistake today. I sensed too much rage and violence in him, this would or would not become against his house against you and your children.

Vulcan females are stronger than men and we carry more responsibilities, we must preserve our ways and history, we must fight, save the life of our mates or took it from them and all this with reason that is warmed by the love to our children and to our race.” Her eyes show understanding and grief, but also determination.

"I take this Ha'tanau gift to me with responsibility and I will honor this agreement with my life, Reldai Mother." She bowed and kneeled; T'Pau took her by the arms and raised her to her feet.

“I’ll be there for thee, if you need of me.” Said T’Pau and then added “Go to him now, my child, he will need you near for his fast recovery.”

T’Pring, with pain and relief in her eyes hugged T’Pau and went to the healer’s tent to be by the side of his husband to be. T'Pring will be a great politician in the future, I will see her footstep closely, T’Pau thought.

T´Pau then was to supervise the final touches for the the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.


Jim was attired in purple and silver robes. He was called to speak to Sarek, Spock’s father. He entered with all the confidence he could muster and took the seat it was offered to him.

“Kirk, I really do not understand why my son chose you, but there is no alternative now.” Sarek began. “The healer told me that you are prepare for what it is about to come. I must to tell you that even if you will have a bonding ceremony, you will not be the only spouse of my son. He is the only heir of my house so he must be bonded with a female to provide an offspring in the future, ones you are incapable to provide. And I want to make this clear to you, because you must learn to share and try to make Spock to understand this fact, that he will take a ‘hayaik'ko-telsu’, a wife.”

Jim wasn’t happy about the sharing Spock thing, but he was a slave after all, so he simply nodded and Sarek went on.

“T’Pau had told me that you are an empath, which pleases me, because the bond you and my son will share will be more satisfactory. But there is something about you that T’Pau and I find out of place although it is not your feelings for my son. However we will get to the bottom of that after the matter at hand had taken care of and we meet again in our home, which will be yours too from now on. Since today on forward you will be free man, an ‘Elik’, but your bond with my son will bind you for life at his side, and this is unbreakable. I want to make sure do you understand this, Kirk.”

Jim had imagined that much already, remembering when Archer said to him that his mission was one way ticket, and although he was content to stay at Spock’s side he really didn’t want a woman with them. When Jim finally got to imprint Spock, he wouldn’t want a woman around either. However he did not say any of those things, sealing his mouth and shielded his thoughts as he nodded.

“I understand, Lord Sarek, I shall fulfill my duties and honor your house.” Jim said as he bowed.

Sarek made the Ta’al and wished him well. They parted together for the ceremony.

Spock was in his silver and purple robes with his hair adorned with a silver clasp interlaced within his long hair and in his hand was a hammer of jade.

He struck the hexagonal gong of jade with the hammer. With the sound T´Pau entered carried by four priests followed by guards with the ancient instrument the bells ringing and priestess with the ceremonial drums; followed by Sarek and Kirk entering the arena, and taking their places.

Spock saluted T’Pau with the Ta’al.

T’Pau Stood and said. “What you are about to see comes down from the time of the Beginning. This is the Vulcan heart, this is the Vulcan soul -- this is our way...Kali farr!“ The bells on the ancient instrument ringed more soundly.

‘The Time of challenge’ Had passed and Spock approached the second gong by the pyre of the gods Khosarr and Akraana, for the the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.

Jim had approached the site of the gong, and Spock raised the jade’s hammer and hit the gong with it. Jim came closer and received the hammer and hit the gong one time too. After these both of them presented their middle and index fingers and caress the ones of the other, together walked touching their fingers in this manner and settled, kneeling by the fire. They could heard the ancient mating drums played by the priestess.

T’Pau approached them and melding simultaneously with both of them, creating the bond between the husbands. They both offer spices to the pyre of fire. They then stood, made the Ta’al to T’Pau, and then they were leaded to their chambers where they would be left alone for the Pon farr and gave the bond the time to settle for the next three to four days. The marriage party left the arena.


After a long day T’Pau was in her rights to retire to meditate and sleep, she was not so young to have so many emotions in one day. She almost lost her grandchild today, although said child was now a grown up Vulcan, but he would not have heirs. It was too much. She needs to talk to Sarek, but this would have to wait till tomorrow. Now she only would hope, for the best for Spock in his time with his human bondmate.


Notes about Vulcan language:

Ko-mekh-Te'kor = Supreme Mother or Queen Mother.

Ha'tanau = Gift of life.

Reldai = Female religious leader, ruler.

Elik = Free man.

Hayaik'ko-telsu = Wife or consort in higher status than others.

Khosarr and Akraana = They are mentioned by Sybok in the novelization of the movie “The Final Frontier”, where it is only said that Khosarr was a god of war, but as in other novel there was T’Vet as a goddess of all wars, I decides to give to Khosarr a work more specific, as the Lord of Challenges, Vendettas and war in honor of that. So a very volatile god who is impersonated by fire as his consort Akraana, who’s powers are not mentioned originally so I made her the goddess of Love forged in Pon farr and bonding (Equally fire).

Vulcans gods in general are supposed to be other elements than fire. But Pon farr 'is fire'.
Sure thing romantic love is other element.

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alinealghost: iCub aproves!alinealghost on January 4th, 2012 05:59 am (UTC)
Por fin! Me alegra mucho ver que resolviste el problema de los dioses y el capi quedó espléndido.
ariadnechanariadnechan on January 4th, 2012 06:16 am (UTC)
Que bueno que te gusto!!!

que te parecio el rol de las mujeres que les di en el mundo sin surak?
alinealghost: iCub aproves!alinealghost on January 4th, 2012 06:24 am (UTC)
Tiene el pesado trabajo de dirigir el planeta, las propiedades de sus esposos y traer a los herederos necesarios... en ese orden. Muy interesante.
ariadnechanariadnechan on January 4th, 2012 06:27 am (UTC)
siempre me ha dado la idea que con los hombres tan guerreros era deber de las mujeres hacer politica y pensar en salvar la historia y el futuro a punta de muertes seleccionadas de ser necesario para evitar guerras eternas
inu_spockyainu_spockya on January 4th, 2012 10:25 am (UTC)
yay, another chapter! interesting about the gender differences on Vulcan -- I have thought this also, the men are physically stronger, but more vulnerable to their emotions. even with Surak's approach, Vulcan men have some serious *issues* --always thought that was why they were so commanding to their wives in front of strangers, it's the only time they are acknowledged as *the boss*. otherwise it's more like, oh you're just a man, what would you know about politics. go away and paly with your toys and leave us to the ruling.

also always figured the Galileo 7 ep showed Spock exactly this way; he gave all the right commands without actually *feeling* like the commander, and it was a total train wreck mission because none of the crew felt like he was in command either...

he did a lot better later on but he was never really comfortable in command, much preferred his computers to the captain's chair.

hm. random late night thoughts; I enjoyed this chapter very much and like sly!T'Pau. it is my own favourite way to think of her, the wise old queen who sees far and plots accordingly...
ariadnechanariadnechan on January 4th, 2012 10:33 pm (UTC)
Since i saw Amok time i always thought the women rules Vulcan, you can see this in T'Pring too, i think in a non Surakian society she would be an awesome vulcan. But obviously not in a Surakian one, where an intrigue complex like that who could carry death to Spock without any warning was not Surakian at all.

Also the Kolinahr high masters where all female. like the one who made the fal thor pan uniting Spock's mind and body together.
non of this was a men.

i'm happy that you like the chapter!!