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14 February 2012 @ 04:54 pm
K/S Valentine fic: My Husband Attend!  
Title : My Husband Attend.

Author : ariadnechan

Betas : inu_spockya and mtnhi32

Series : TOS or Aos AU (it can be read as both universes)

Pairing : K/S established

Characters : Captain Pike, Number One, T’Pau, Scotty.

Rating : Pg-13

Length : 1439

Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own Gene Rodenberry Star Trek( Because Paramount win me over)

Warnings: Surak was banned in this universe, Emotional Vulcans, so Spock OOC. Jim is an empath and has other manipulative abilities. Other implied uses for chocolate and maybe some indications of intimacy between husbands. No real chocolate was harmed in this fictional piece.

Summary: The Dream of Archer is to found the federation of planets. T’Pau has agreed and other planets too, to sign the treaty. The Matriarch went accompanied by the new ambassadors of Vulcan for the Federation, her grandsons Spock and his husband Kirk of the house of Solkar, to attend travelling in the Enterprise on the day of St. Valentine’s day of Terra.

Notes : This fic is set 2 years after the events of “Solstice of the Young” But it could be read as a standalone. This can also be read without knowing anything about Dune of Frank Herbert, because the crossover doesn’t make a proper appearance in this fic.

T’Pau was sculpted in ice. This was really rare to see in the ”Royal Reldai”, but Jim knew better than to ask why. Sure thing, it was her poker face for the final negotiations knowing there would be past enemies in the ship with them until they reached Babel, the final destination for the signature.

“Ashayam don’t worry we will do it all right; we have been preparing ourselves for this duty for two years now and you have demonstrated a highly gifted mind for politics and tactical planning, I think we will bring honor while serving, in this responsibility our ”Mother Reldai” has put in our shoulders.” Spock smiled at his Jim and extended his middle and index finger to him as reassurance.

Jim tried to lighten their spirits by changing the subject, because he was really insecure and he didn’t want Spock to notice how much. “My Spock, did you know that during our stay on the Enterprise we will be in the middle of a Terran celebration?” Jim smirked knowingly.

“What is this tradition of yours, T’hy’la?” Spock wondered, mildly intrigued.

“It is called ‘Valentine’s day’, the day of love. A person demonstrates their interest in another, or lovers show their affection with a date or a gift.”

Spock kissed Jim while taking him by the waist. “I would love to participate in such a festivity, research is always important.”

They were signaled that their craft had already docked in the Enterprise, so they took on their air of respectable ambassadors; while T’Pau looked at them and talked to them by the familiar link. I hope you behave my sons, this is an important matter and I am putting Vulcan in your hands from now on. Spock and Jim felt in their minds chastised enough, and nodded to her.

When they left the shuttle, accompanied by the three aides and a priestess included in their party, they were received by Captain Christopher Pike and his first Officer, a female named Number one. She made the Tah’al really well for a human without real training, and said in standard “We are here to serve.” The Captain only nodded. Jim found it good that the fleet were prepared not to touch Vulcans, otherwise they would be killed on the spot, survival spirit was always good.

T’Pau smiled and responded, “You honor us with your service.”

T’Pau presented Spock and Kirk as the soon-to-be Ambassadors for the New Federation in her name, for after the signature, and the rest of the party as their aides.

Jim immediately talked to Pike. “We need rooms in another deck from the Tellarites and the Andorians. The food must consist of fresh vegetables and fruits, and cooked birds, because I doubt you have ‘Le mathyas’ just hunted for the occasion; alcoholic drinks would be Chocolate liquor and Romulan Ale, Everything else is in this padd.”

Number One nodded to Pike and took the padd. Pike led the way to deck seven, where the Vulcan chambers were located.

“We hope to give you a tour of our flag ship.” Said Pike with a proud grin.

“My husband and I will be delighted.” said Jim with a flirting smile. “But we must settle in our designated rooms first. How about… you can pick us up in one hour?” Captain Pike nodded and Jim winked at Pike. “It is a date, then.” Jim made the Ta’hal while grinning at him.

Pike was somewhat surprised that this human was married to a Vulcan in the first place, how had a human possibly met with a Prince? And what was he thinking, flirting with him, even if only playfully. Vulcans were territorial and warriors; had he no sense of survival? Certainly Pike had one.

From inside the room a deep voice was heard “My husband, attend!” The Human smiled.
“Sorry Captain, will see you in one hour!” saying this, the door closed in front of Pike’s face.


“Jim, really, was that display necessary? Is this a human practice you didn’t notify me of?” Spock was really annoyed at this point.

“No, Ashayam, it's my playful self, and I really wanted to see if you will be jealous now that I was in a place full of humans. Some of them will try to salute me giving me their hands to shake. And I think in the list of personnel in this vessel there are two old acquaintances of mine who maybe will want to hug me or pat me in the back in a friendly human manner, maybe before I can stop them.”

Spock was angry now. “If something like that occurrs to my bondmate, I will incapacitate them on the spot, without hesitation.”

“No my dear, you can’t, we must find a solution for this because as I’m not a Vulcan they will forget to use Vulcan protocol around me. And I can´t take former friends of mine from another live, as any other person. Being friendly is important in human relationships, more so in political ones; even between political enemies they are smiling at each other while trying for the kill.”

“Jim that statement has no sense at all, why would some one smile while killing, and how can you kill someone in a friendly manner?” Spock raised an eyebrow, Jim loved that one.

“Because that is how human politics works, ashayam.”

Spock frowned at that. They settled in their assigned quarters, and as Jim had predicted only he and Spock would do the tourist trip. In time Captain Pike arrived with his first Officer, the mysterious woman whose name was a number.

Jim and Spock made the Tah’al. The Captain apparently wanted to keep living as he positioned himself beside Spock and Number One at Jim’s side. They started with engineering. Jim remembered his classes at the academy so he asked a lot of questions about the warp core to the chief Lieutenant commander Scotty, but as he was particularly enthusiastic, Jim couldn’t help feeling the discomfort and the rising anger from Spock, who always ended up with “My Husband, Attend!” in a deep sexy voice. Jim attended, obviously -- he didn’t want a lot of unconscious or dead bodies everywhere with no one who can run the ship so he hung himself from his bondmate’s arm, sending reassurance and unconditional love.

However the task of behaving properly was difficult, because Jim was really happy to be in a starship this big and brand new. He remembered when he was in the academy half a life -six years- ago, as it seems and he wanted to be captain of one like this, felt a living machine around him being free in the deep space, suddenly he felt like a little child in Iowa looking at the sky again. So It was really difficult not to be in love and asked as many questions as possible about the beautiful lady they were in. Spock was really anxious about their future as ambassadors and Jim understood now that he thought that Jim would want to leave him for humans and ships like this one. He was so cute.

And there it was, the fourth “My husband, Attend!” of the evening. Jim extended his index and middle fingers and Spock accepted and they went in this manner for the rest of the tour.


They arrived at their assigned quarters rather late, having met with T’Pau after the tour, discussing and commenting, what Jim had sensed in the humans, between other tactical and political things. Jim was very happy to see that his package had arrived in time.
“What is this, Jim?” Spock was surprised and Jim sensed some fear, even if in the bond only there was surprise and expectation.

“Open it.” Jim said, sending reassurance and mischief through the Bond.
In the box there was another box in a strange shape in a red color with an intense chocolate scent, a bottle of chocolate Liqueur and another with a label in standard “Body Paint”.

“What is this body paint thing?”

“Happy Valentine ’s Day my love! and as you said to me once, ‘that is for me to know and for you to not worry about’.” Jim gave Spock a wide smile, took the bottle, and started to divest himself of his clothes.

Spock served two glasses of liqueur, but then he stayed right there frozen, looking at Jim and wondering.

Jim used will power and some false anger in his tone, “My Husband, Attend!” and Spock divested himself, in one maneuver getting into the bed right where Jim wanted him.

The End??


Foot Notes:

Yes I’m tease, but I promise a pwp soon atoning for my sins and if you want to know more about this verse please go and read the “Solstice of the Young”.

Vulcan words

*Reldai Means in Vulcan: Female religious leader. In my story T’Pau is the Matriarch of Vulcan leader of the High Council and religious leader too.
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trista_zevkia: M!SpockHellotrista_zevkia on February 14th, 2012 10:24 pm (UTC)
This was a lot of fun, and I love a jealous/possessive!Spock. I do hope you post that pwp soon =)
ariadnechanariadnechan on February 15th, 2012 12:58 am (UTC)
Thanks! i hope too because i need to finish the to polish of the last chapter of the soltice of the young first :D

because this is too funny we have the 2 years later before the end in the middle of the angst LOL
arminaaarminaa on February 15th, 2012 03:05 am (UTC)
Loving how jealous Spock is! Lovely story :)
ariadnechan: Kirk/Spock loveariadnechan on July 26th, 2012 12:50 am (UTC)
Ohh i didn't see your comment thanks you very much and i love jealous Spock and flirty Jim they are awesome!

Edited at 2012-07-26 12:51 am (UTC)
Also I am Rae: Spirkivycross on July 26th, 2012 12:39 am (UTC)
Very nice. I love possessive and Jealous Spock. He is just so cute. Of course Jim knows how to feed the fires.
ariadnechan: ponfarrariadnechan on July 26th, 2012 12:53 am (UTC)
Jim loves to do it, make up sex is awesome!


Thank you very much. For your comment!