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21 July 2013 @ 03:36 pm
Fic for watson woes prompt 20: “Sherlock of Vulcan, John H. Watson of Terra.”  
Title: “Sherlock of Vulcan, John H. Watson of Terra.”
Author: ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13.
Fandom: Sherlock and related fandoms
Characters: Sherlock Holmes/ John Watson, Siger Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper, Gregory Lestrade, Molly Hooper, Gregson, Bill Murray, Alexander Preston.
Summary: “John H. Watson came from a family of military from several decades back, so it was not a surprise he wanted to join the new Star Fleet. The surprise had been that he wanted to be a doctor, So he started his medical studies first on the British island and after graduating from Uni, he left for San Francisco for the Academy training and his studies in Xenobiology(Alien biology), in order to be a Xeno-specialist and medical officer.”
Warnings: Start Trek crossover-freeform(non canonical characters I only used the world building), Alternative universe-very alternative, no canon sherlockiana what so ever, except Sherlock is Sherlock and John is John, other characters are themselves too. This can be read for any Sherlock Holmes incarnation, except RDJ or Elemtary, but with the addition of Molly Hooper from Sherlock BBC, because this had too be really AU so why not she could be in any incarnation because this is an au in the future.
Word Count: 2.200 approx.
Author's Notes: watsons_woesPrompt #20:
Rabbit Season:
Either choose an old challenge from Watson's Woes and write an 'entry' for that challenge, or get inspiration from the plot bunny thread.
Challenge 010 is our first Best AU challenge. We have many stellar writers who have already created amazing AUs, both in this comm and elsewhere, but we want to see some more of these. Your challenge is to simply create the best AU story possible.
Alternate Universe is defined as any universe which differs significantly from Canon Alternate Universe is not taking a movie or book scene and making it different from the original (for example, making the swamp adder in SPEC bite Holmes instead of Roylott is not an alternate universe, merely an alternate scene).
You must create an alternate universe, an entire new world while keeping these characters in character.

Master fic of the challenge: on LJ
Beta: Thanks to my amazing friend mildred_bobbin
Banner art: Thanks to the beautiful sospan_fach

Siger of Vulcan had made a new treaty with Earth, now known as Terra and a handful of other planets like Andoria to form the federation of planets and chief of high council and a form of peace offering, his younger son Sherlock would be the first Vulcan to attend Start fleet Academy in San Francisco.

Sycroft his elder son would be appointed as the new ambassador of Vulcan for the Federation. Siger was tired of his ambassadorial duties and wanted to work for the council. He knew his offspring would fulfill their new duties with the outmost competence. Also his younger son was restless and he thought that working with humans for some years would give him the perspective he needed about the ways of his people.


John H. Watson came from a military family from several decades back, so it was not a surprise he wanted to join the new Star Fleet. The surprise had been that he wanted to be a doctor. So he started his medical studies first on the British island and after graduating from Uni, he left for San Francisco for the Academy training and his studies in Xenobiology, in order to be a Xeno-specialist and medical officer. John Watson wanted a real adventure for his life.

Sherlock of Vulcan also made a turn because he wanted to finish the Vulcan academy before entering Star Fleet.

So there in the classes Medical and Science officers share on personal defense, weaponry, athletics, command and other similar subjects, Sherlock of Vulcan and John Watson became acquainted.

Sherlock been three times stronger than humans generally didn't partner with them but with other alien races. But John Watson was adventurous and asked for Sherlock as a partner.

Then John learned the hard way that Sherlock would never try to be nice and polite and use less force because he was a puny human, he ached for a week. But he was strong willed so he learnt different martial arts to have more leverage against Sherlock in any free time he had.

He also took pride in study more about these strange race who were the first alien to approach the humans. They were really look alike, but they were fascinating because of the differences.

John studied that Vulcan blood was copper based and green, that their body heat was lower than humans and they had their hearts at the side of his bodies. Also as touch telepaths they couldn't touch any person at random; so handshakes were off limits, so Sherlock wasn't that rude after all, but being polite for not reading your mind while shaking your hand.

John knew that Sherlock was bullied because he was different especially because his social awkwardness, but understanding more of their biology got John to understand more of his character. So he decided to be his friend.

It was more difficult said than done and John was put off continually by the Vulcan, but finally they found a common ground. Sherlock was as fascinated to know more about humans as John to know more about Vulcans, so one time he asked John to run an experiment and John accepted. John Watson lamented the day he offered himself freely for all the awful things Sherlock of Vulcan made him suffer. But John learnt more about Vulcans than any book he had read and even he learn some Vulcan language in exchange for his work as a lab-rat, there was no need to sugarcoat it.

They also shared other thing in common; both of them loved adventure, Sherlock the puzzle of the human mind who leaded them to crime, and John the possibility of Justice. So they developed a little side job helping Captain Lestrade with the investigation of some crimes on San Francisco.

It was truth that since the Vulcans came and the end of the war almost a century ago things were a lot better and crime had decreased, but not disappeared. And Sherlock was really good seeing what no human was capable of.

Sherlock said that was really a thing to observe and not only look, and John got fascinated every time in admiration of the Vulcan’s mind. But then Sherlock did something awful to him and John was mad at him again for a while.

The four years of the academy ended quickly. They could have finished in three, both of them, but John wanted his doctorate and Sherlock wanted to study humans in their habitat a bit more, so he failed some of his classes and had to do them again the next term, the mad Vulcan.

They were assigned to their first ship, the Potemkin, not a great name, like the Enterprise, but you need to start somewhere.

John and Sherlock found new friends there like another science officer, Molly Hooper, and John found a friend in Bill Murray, his nurse. Their assigned Captain would be Lestrade, some Gregson guy was the first officer and the chief of security.

So John passed his time between Med-bay with Bill and the chief medical Alexander Preston, and after hours learning Vulcan or still being the lab-rat of Sherlock. Molly Hooper who was besotted with the Vulcan has occupied another post as a lab-rat, the poor thing had no chance. Vulcans apparently didn't mix with Humans that way, John had tried to taking to bars and parties, but he had always refused, and he had always found flaws and finally made John's dates cry, male or female. So John had very few more that night stands in the Academy, because of Sherlock, but seriously John was not so interested in a relationship if he was going to embark in space for several years, so he never really pushed the issue.

His first big mission was in a colony planet which had been isolated with a strange sickness that attacked the nervous system and finally left the person blind or death.

John and Sherlock's team worked on the double to find a cure while the crew of the Potemkin was taken away for the same sickness. When John had thought he was closer to find the serum, he also was taken by illness and lost his sight. Sherlock was almost the only one left and John was trying to work in the dark with Sherlock as Molly give herself as testing material.

When John thought was lost in fever, the last stage of the illness, he was sure to feel Sherlock's lips on him, and the feelings of reassurance and the warm of home; but that was surely a trick of his imagination. After that he started to heal, Sherlock had finalized the serum and they could administer to the crew and the population of the colony who was still alive.

John had become chief medical officer because Preston had died from the sickness on the planet. Fortunately most of the crew had survived.

John became worried, he knew they would have a shore leave on Vulcan on a couple of weeks and he was looking forward to seeing Vulcan with his own eyes and meeting with Vulcan healers. But Sherlock had started to act erratic a week after the sickness. John wondered if Sherlock had caught a different brand of the sickness for his different biology, but the Vulcan was an obstinate one and didn't let John examine him.

Finally John got the Captain's help to order Sherlock to have a full physical. And John was alarmed to see his vitals had change a lot, his blood pressure was off the charts for a Vulcan and rising, his adrenaline levels were also rising, his body was working at double the normal rhythm. John ran some blood tests to see if it had some relation to the planet, but they were different, John was not sure, and Sherlock didn't offer any help with his diagnosis.

Sherlock had a bad prognosis and John heart was dying in pain, he could not lose Sherlock, he couldn't. So he went to talk to Lestrade and asked him for a better warp velocity for Vulcan, he hadn't the equipment or the knowledge to save the Vulcan on time.

Lestrade did what he could because after all Sherlock was the brother of the Ambassador of Vulcan and son of the chief of the Vulcan council, he was royalty.

Sherlock asked that only John to accompany him to be reunited with the healers and his family.

When they were transported, John found himself not in a hospital, but in the Vulcan' family house.

“Sherlock you need emergency medical assistance, I almost can feel your pain and distress, I know you can hold on for long.” Said John really worried and stressed he hadn't sleep in two days looking out for his friend.

“John, because I can't hold on for much longer is that we are at my home, my father await us with the healer and the head of my clan.”

“I never accepted a pre-bond as is the custom of my people, I thought I would take the Kolinahr the path to expunger all emotions. But finally my loves for science lead me to star fleet and you.

“I never had a real connection with any of my people but without my knowing or yours we share a bond, John even if I melded with your mind only once when you were dying, trying to save you.”

“There I knew you were my T’hy’la, my destined one, my brother, friend and future lover, this is the bond more sacred for my people John. And find it out triggered my time early.”

“What I'm about to tell you is the most secret of the secret between our people, not even we speak of it between us. What is happening to me is my first Pon farr, the time of mating.”

“An adult Vulcan has a mating cycle every seven years, and this time have the duration of three earth days. If we were male and female Vulcan we surely conceive, but it is not rare that a male bond occurs, the strange thing is that a Human-Vulcan bond forged as I had study there had only been one recorded in modern times and this is one who never solidified between first Vulcan female in the a human starship and an officer of it.”

“Apparently our races are more compatible than my race believes because our minds are more than compatibles John. And Vulcan mating is not only about sexual intercourse is about two minds united as one, because we are telepaths.“

“Vulcans lose their minds in the Pon farr as they reach the Plack tow. This would happen to me very soon, and my animal mind would take over on me, this is very shameful for my people and thats why we don't talk about it. Because of this, if there aren't a pre-bond between the mates, one of them recognize the other as threat or contender and kill them. Or in the act of merging minds the weakest mind could be lost and die.”

“As I was not pre-bonded with one of my people I have little time to do the ancient claim or a healer to find a suitable mind, but the person with whom I share my time would be my bonded forever, is more than a marriage John, because a mental connection is established between the two people involved and it can't be dissolved.”

“I know it is too much to absorb in too little time, the situation is, in your terms that I love you and I wanted to ask would you want to be my bonded mate, John? I would add that it is a 95.87% probability that I will die if you decided not to accept, but I would not burden you with my fate. I had accepted the possibility and I am at peace with my death.”

John was baffled, appalled, hurt, aroused, angry, mad, worry to death, he was afraid because really he had literally the life of this beautiful being in his hand, prick and mind, what can you say about that, for god sake? Also John was certain of something; he could not live in a universe that not had the mad Vulcan in it. Sherlock was his home, and maybe now he understood why Sherlock always made his dates go away, the possessive bastard. So John Watson did the only possible thing he could do.

John kissed the bloody Vulcan. Sherlock shyly reciprocated with passion and with joined hands that sent bolts of electricity to John's nerve endings, they entered the adjoined room were the healer would prod their bond to ascertain Sherlock's claim and then prepare them for the ceremony of Koon-ut-kal-if-fee (marriage or challenge).

John's life really would be an adventure after all, he thought and with his forehead high he crossed the door with Sherlock at his side.

The Sequel: Here

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