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Watson Woes Promot 2 "Stirred, not Shaken"

Title: "Stirred, not Shaken."
Author: ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Sherlock BBC
Character: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Relationships/Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Taking risks even stupid ones is part of The Game.
Content Warnings: None.
Word Count: 738
A.N.: this in unbetaed 
JWP Prompt # 2: "Roll of the Dice" a character will take a risk it could be calculated or foolhardy one.

I knew it was stupid. There was no way around it, I had quit for a good reason, losing or gaining money have no consequence when you are abroad in a war, and have always a meal if you are alive. But when you are living in the world, and you must pay bills and buy your clothes, and your milk, it is different. More so if you have a wife, even a ex assassin's one, because there is a baby, an innocent baby on the way.

Obviously Sherlock saw no trouble to ask me to open that door again, for a case.

"You will be like that Bond character you like so much, and you are really good at it."

"Of course I'm really good at it and that is the problem Sherlock!"

"Lives are at stake John, so you play and act big, I move around and found our target and nobody dies, maybe you win a sufficient amount for a better house and a better wardrobe. Everybody wins!"

So I went a long I gambled on my worse flaw and went all fancy in white and black and asked for the bloody Martini too.

I got my card from before so it was only needed the big money. They even remember my old suite

There were a lot of people, some who I knew from my shadier days, some young things, some people simple showing themselves around or wanting to see if they have some luck tonight, and there was me.

I moved around and get into the roulette table, if Sherlock wanted me to get attention, this was the fastest way.

The little ball roll and I won every time, I had some public, male and female trying to buy me drinks and everything. I supposed I really felt a little as James Bond, with my gun in me and birds asking me out, but this was part of why I must not do this in the first place.

I looked for Sherlock and he was near looking at the people near me with a frown. I wondered if someone in the entourage was our mark, so not to lose him or her, I decided to flirt my way like old times, but this made Sherlock's frown bigger, this was really frustrating. So I got the phone.

"Hey, do you find him?"
"because I need to change tables or I will start to lose and certainly lose our tail"

There was no answer, and a bird to my right it was leaving fleeting kisses in my ear, so I decided it was enough and took my winnings and went to the Craps table. Some of the entourage follow me but not everyone, and when a girl tried to attach to my side Sherlock decide to appear at the other, maybe the mark was really close.

I started big because of what we talked with Sherlock but also because I was losing to my darker side, this was so fun, I really missed, well maybe that I was in my fourth Martini helped.

The strange thing was feeling the girl to my right and Sherlock to my left fighting for my attention, sure it was part of the farce, but Sherlock almost possessive and some of the others in pursuit of my luck had gone smelling the fight between the two, some where not far waiting for me if both lost. I tried not play favourites, because this was a farce, so both decide to up the ante in their own gamble.

I was astonished sometime later when Sherlock after I made a big winning came and hug me and jump with me, this one the most UnSherlock thing ever, but I loved every second. So obviously I was totally unprepared for the other girl to take me from him, hug me too and kiss me hungrily immediately after.

I was really not hearing her when she asked me for my suite so we continue there. Because my eyes where glued on Sherlock whom took the girl away from me and kissed me as he was dying in the desert and me was the only source of water. And I couldn't left it alone anymore, I knew it was stupid, and we were in a case, and I was married to an Assassin who was expecting our child... but I risked and I kissed him back, because I had been in the dark all my life and Sherlock was the only source of light.
Tags: johnlock, sherlockbbc, watsons_woes july challenge

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