March 2nd, 2010


Calling to fandom and creatitvity for halping Chile i made a comm

Convocation to fanartist, fanfiction writers, media and graphic artist, and everyone with a talent who can share it and help! Allthe fandoms are welcomed the more the merrier!

If you write fanfictions, draw fanarts, make wallpapers or graphics, make fanmixes or anything that could be useful to raise money to help Chile, then sign up in the entry in the image! This is going to ve very similar to help_haiti. Every artist decide how many donations can give and he/she has a place in help_chile to the auction of his/hers pieces of arts. You just sign up and tell everyone you know about it, and then the people do the rest of the job! The rules of the auction are going to be decided immediately after we have our artist.
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