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Darkness & Lighting Diary



[ dreamwith- translations- Deviant- realariadne-× Well i'm from Chile, i'm anime and manga fan, i'm married and i have 2 litle children (Ricardo 11 years old and Cristobal 9 years old), i studied law, but i didn't finished yet, because of the children, but i'm intent to do it at some point. i translate and write .


interest: Shonen ai, shonen, yaoi, slash,
Anime and manga: Clamp(all of them), Claymore, Code Geass, Bleach, Loveless, Shonen ai, shonen, Tactics, inuyasha, Ouran host club, Kuroshisuji, Nabari no ou, Bakuman, VampierKnight, Naruto, Paradise kiss, Dgray man, Ergo proxie, Himitsu, Hitman Reborn, Getbackers, Hikaru No go, Kyo kara Maou, Pandora hearts, Hetalia, Macross, Natsume no yuinsho, Shagunan no shana, Totally Captivated, Trigun, Yami no Matsuei, Amatsuki, Elfen lied, Minami Haruka, etc...

READ Fantasy, SF,lationamerican writers, Sartre, Vicente Huidobro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Borges, Julio Cortazar, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, fanfiction, ... Writing, short stories, poetry.

MOVIES: good movies in general, Luc Beauson, Tim burton, the 50' musicals, vampires films, star trek..

MUSIC:(gothic, post punk: Siuxie and the banchees, The Cure, The Smith, Morrisey, Dead can Dance, Placebo, Evanecence; Joy Division, Front 242, Coutau twins, New Order, David Bowie, Goldfrapp, Portished, Placebo, etc).

Series: Star Trek tos, BBCSherlock, Being human, Lost Girl, Werehouse13, Suits, Grimm, Continuum, Heroes, Merlin, Dr Who (i luv you tenth)...

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CHRISTIAN is mai husbando

by la_tamy

The golden OT3 and Kir/Kirk who can blame me??

▶ I only share my iPod headset with [Leonard Nimoy]

▶ I only share my iPod headset with [Zachary Quinto aka Spock JR.]

PhotobucketPhotobucketSpock is forever love!!


I'm the queen of the world
is that world's king

『 ariadnechan James T. Kirk 』

MY LIFE is more c o l o r f u l than any RAINBOW with ☾Leonard Maccoy☽ .

Made by shades_of_dray

Made by shades_of_dray

Made by shades_of_dray

is Lulu Love

The tale begins now,
Just for us.
And I won't let it end forever.
~ Oz Bessarius ~

The tale begins now,
Just for us.
And I won't let it end forever.
~ Alice ~

I party listening to Siouxie and the Banshees
Love will tear us apart again by Joy Division ↔ my theme song

▶ I only share my iPod headset with [James Dean]

『 Germany Italy』

Is Donuts love

Is Twin Stars Love

Gouho Drugs is love

colorbar made by kaakeli
Loveless Addicted.

I rickrolled Soubi, and I'm NEVER gonna give them up*;My Name is Tattooed on Soubi's butt

colorbar made by kaakeli

colorbar made by lalita_b

KanaYuki is LOVE colorbar by chiren09

made by misako-chan
made by misako-chan
made by misako-chan
made by misako-chan
made by misako-chan
made by misako-chan

C L A I M Tyki Mikk

Allen The 14

Allen Leenale

Lavi Tiky Mik

Allen Kanda

Photobucket Ciel is bad ass love
by ichiya-yuka

Photobucket Sebastian is one hell of the butler of love.

[Sebastian Michaels] Kuroshitsuji
Eliminate the useless. Eliminate the unclean.

[Ciel Phantomhive] makes me feel Young at

Photobucket{ 黒執事Madam Red }

K u r o s h i t s u j i

K u r o s h i t s u j i
『William T. Spears』

KUROSHITSUJI ϟ Grelle Sutcliffe

Kuroshitsuji    ❝ The Undertaker HERE ❞

Loveless Addicted.

made by cavechan in is_my_bf
I got thrown into the pool with Kyoya Ootori
I SHIP Ootori Kyoya Fujioka Haruhi Suo Tamaki LIEK BURNING

♥『Hitachin Hikaru』 Ouran Host Club
Tamaki Suo
Kiss kiss fall in love

   RING OF RAIN → ariadnechan @ join Photobucket Light Blue Pacifier @Arcobaleno Blog crew

I SHIP Kaworu Shinji Ikari LIEK BURNING

{ Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Ø Zero(Lelouch L)}

MY LIFE is more c o l o r f u l than any RAINBOW with ☾Kuran Kaname☽ .

♥'s Kuran Kaname Kuran Yuki ♥'s Kiryu Zero Vampire Knight

»*I Slept with Kuran Kaname so I /know/ he WILL call me BACK!«

I had my first kiss with 『Fay D. Flowrite』
[ Kurogane x Fay ] is my hot, hot smex

[Fay] makes me feel Young at

[frank SteinPhotobucket] makes me feel Young at

Mihara Chitose KOBATO; characters
Doumeki Haruka - XxX HOLIC
CLAMP Doumeki Shizuka - xxxHolic
CLAMP Doumeki Haruka - xxxHolic
『CLAMP Soulmates』 Doumeki Haruka

The [X/1999] ☯ blogcrew «Sakurazuka Seishirou»

I SHIP Ichihara Yuuko Clow Reed LIEK BURNING
I got thrown into the pool with Clow Reed
Clow Reed CARDCAPTOR SAKURA; characters

KINOMOTO, FUJITAKA is mai husbando

CLAMP Kinomoto Fujitaka - CCS
I rickrolled Kinomoto Sakurita(little Sakura)], and I'm NEVER gonna give them up
『CLAMP Soulmates』 Kinomoto Fujitaka from CCS
Yue (月)

『CLAMP Soulmates』 Clow Ou from Tsubasa

FREYA claimcaptor comunity CHOBITS; characters
『CLAMP Soulmates』 Freya from Chobits

『CLAMP Soulmates』 Kakei from Gouho Drugs
Rikuo - Gouho Drugs

『CLAMP Soulmates』 Yasha from RG VEDA

『CLAMP Soulmates』 Suu from Clover